Choosing web design software has always been a challenging endeavor. You are often not only choosing a software, but one to design, develop, deploy, and manage a website. This can be a grueling selection process and the web design industry has for a long time now been searching for a more complete solution.

That solution is called the NEW Webydo.

Webydo’s new cloud software includes many familiar graphic tools similar to desktop software such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, plus the robust publishing capabilities of WordPress. Not to worry, the initial intuitive and powerful graphical interface remains intact with the NEW Webydo, but the addition of new features sets this software apart and truly makes it an all-in-one web design solution.

Introducing the NEW Webydo

Let’s take a look at what to expect in the NEW Webydo:

  1. A New UI & UX
  2. Better Stability and Performance
  3. A Full-Featured Solution for Modern Businesses
  4. Inspiring New Website Redesign
  5. Amazing New Themes

A New UI & UX

The NEW design environment is extremely smooth, making it easier to design, manage and deliver. The interface is suited for the needs of professional designers with elements and features that stand out, improving the design experience.

Better Stability and Performance

The growth of Webydo’s 170,000+ designer community made an upgrade to the platform’s infrastructure necessary. This revamp was an important part of the NEW Webydo, and largely professes the look and feel of its community of designers. The designer community was integral in creating the NEW Webydo as their feedback is largely responsible for the upgrades.

The new Webydo interface facilitates the fast-paced and media rich web design workflow and allows designers to craft, manage and host websites seamlessly, glitch-free and with no excess rendering or uploading time.

A Full-Featured Solution for Modern Businesses

The NEW Webydo makes it easy to design and develop websites, but the management features included in the software are what really make this solution a business tool.

(1) CMS – The CMS (content management system) features of the NEW Webydo bring important capabilities into the solution, eliminating the need to turn to a separate platform like WordPress or Drupal.

(2) White Label – The system can be branded with the design agency’s own visual identity, reinforcing their relationship with the clients who will use the CMS to manage the sites designed and deployed by the agency.

(3) Dashboard – For designers or agencies who are using the NEW Webydo for multiple clients and projects, the Dashboard can act as their central command to manage all of those sites.

(4) Client Billing – Clients can be individually billed from inside of the NEW Webydo platform.

(5) Customization – Designers can customize the Studio & Dashboard with their preferred colors.

Inspiring New Website Redesign

Not only has the new website been redesigned – by award-winning digital creative agency, Hello Monday, no less – but the new site has been designed by the NEW Webydo itself.

Amazing new themes

Webydo’s designers have crafted several new, modern and responsive themes. All themes meet the demands of the latest design trends, including parallax scrolling, flat design, split screen layout and fullscreen video background, to name a few.

By Designers, For Designers

The NEW Webydo eliminates the need to use separate software solutions for designing, prototyping, wireframing, developing, and publishing a website. Instead, the NEW Webydo adds efficiency to the design and development workflow by bringing all of those tasks under one roof.

That alone would be a huge step forward for the web design industry, but the management and publishing features of the platform are what really make the NEW Webydo an all-in-one web design solution.

Editor’s note: This sponsored post is brough to you by Webydo.


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