If an Outlook OST file exceeds its specified size limit, it may become corrupted. It becomes difficult to examine the data in an OST file using Outlook under such circumstances. Thus, how can people use Outlook to retrieve their crucial data that is stored inside inaccessible OST files? Let’s go investigate now.

We are offering the most often recommended solution to OST file conversion-related problems in this blog post. Thus, OST to PST Converter, a third-party solution, can be used to quickly and easily resolve an OST file migration-related scenario within a few minutes. This solution helps both home and business users save emails and other items from an OST file to PST file accurately, without error, and without alteration.

Import OST file  in Outlook 2019, 2011,6, 2013, 2010, etc.

All of the data contained in an MS Exchange email account is preserved locally for offline access when Microsoft Outlook is used with Cached Mode One. The Exchange account data offline copy is commonly referred to as an OST file, or offline storage table file.

Users can operate on their mailboxes in an offline mode using OST files, even if Microsoft Exchange Server access is temporarily unavailable. All modifications made to the mailboxes are synchronized with the online accounts as soon as connectivity is restored.

Microsoft Outlook is a very powerful email program, but it occasionally has problems because of OST file issues. One of the main problems with OST files is that if their size exceeds a certain threshold, they may become corrupted. Such OST files may contain corrupted data files that prevent access to the data within. As a result, users must devise solutions to solve this issue and retrieve their vital or significant mailbox data.

A trustworthy and Effective Approach to Convert Outlook OST files to PST .

We are offering you the greatest and most highly recommended solution in this blog post, which is the VOOK OST to PST Converter. In just a few simple steps, the software assists you in finding the answer to the question “how do I convert Outlook OST to PST.” For both technical and non-technical users, converting an offline OST file to PST format is a very helpful option.

The program can precisely convert an OST file into an entire database, including emails, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, email formatting, and attachments. Additionally, with this tool, you may export several OST files at once in the Outlook PST format without experiencing any errors or data loss. It maintains data integrity during the whole conversion procedure. Now, convert your OST emails into PST format by following the OST Converter’s step-by-step instructions:

  • Start VOOK OST to PST Converter after installation.
  • To add an OST file to the Software Panel, click on the Select Files or Select Folders button.
  • To set the saving location in the system, click the Browse button.
  • To start the conversion process from OST to PST, click the Convert button now.

Download the free trial version of OST to PST Converter.

likewise it has a demo feature that enables users to comprehend the entire procedure and find the answer to the question “how do I convert Outlook OST to PST” The first 25 items from an OST email can be transferred to a PST file for free with the FREE OST to PST Converter. Once you’ve used it, you can use its license key to safely save several OST data files to PST at once.


The various ways to export Outlook OST files into PST, including expert and manual approaches, are explained in this post. Although using the manual method is laborious and dangerous, you can alternatively utilize the automated option to get results that are 100% safe and correct.

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