PHP is known as one of the most popular scripting language in the world, as it helps to create complex websites faster and easier. 2015 was a great year for website development as PHP launched its 7th version in the market. After 2004, it hasn’t released such cool features for better performance.

PHP frameworks assist developers in creating agile applications with clean and reusable codes. There are thousands of PHP framework comprises of incredible features; many PHP developers choose them as it offers brilliant platform for coding and helps to manage projects with speed. But the confusion arises here is which PHP framework to adopt in 2016; from 2011 to mid-2014 Codeigniter ruled, then in later 2014 ‘Laravel’ was launched and become the first choice for every developer. Now in 2016, with a huge interest of developers, Laravel will remain on the top.

Top PHP Frameworks that will rule in 2016 are

Laravel- Laravel is a popular PHP framework that has been adopted widely. It is quite new in market but has a great web application framework. It consists of elegant syntax, easy upgrades, simpler validation and excellent documentation.

Codeigniter– The second most loved PHP framework by the developers is Codeigniter. It is a dynamic framework that offers simple platform to create a full featured web application for businesses. Codeigniter has unique features which are preferred by a large number of developers; easy templating, light weight, simple configuration and built-in security are some of them.

Yii 2– In the list, Yii falls on the third number. Yii is opted by many developers, because of its high scalability, reliability, fast development, authentication, unit and functionality testing. It is purely object-based framework that uses Don’t Repeat Yourself coding concept. Moreover, it comes with a set of AJAX-enabled features and unified by JQuery.

CakePHP– It is also found in the favorites list of various developers because it is simple, responsive, light weighted and need less coding. As CakePHP is built in “CRUD”, it is very handy for database interaction. It has many inbuilt features like email, security, session and handling request.

Symphony 2– No doubt, symphony is a well known PHP framework that is widely used. It is a robust framework, yet flexible and scalable. It has a lot of reusable PHP components that may be utilized like Templating, validator, security and much more.

These are the five most trending PHP framework in the year of 2016; one should opt for them as they are scalable, reliable and easy to code. The above-given frameworks have provided great platform for PHP development companies to deliver amazing web applications