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44% of Opera Mini users in India are on Android; Shopping portals surge in...

Once known as a browser for feature phones, 47% of Opera Mini users in India are now on smartphones, according to the company’s State of the Android Mobile Web report. Opera...

Simple And Gorgeous Android Wear Watch Faces

With the release of the first Android Wear watches, many developers have started releasing apps that work with the wearable. Along with apps that provide different sets of functionality to the...

How to Use Android Wear Part 2: Customization

In the first installment of this series, I provided a look at Android Wear’s UI and gave an explanation of how to navigate through its various screens and cards. For part...

How to Use Android Wear Part 1: Navigating the UI

Smartwatches don’t provide the screen space that smartphones do, so with its approach to the form factor, Google decided to create an experience that is fundamentally different. Android Wear devices are...

12 Apps For Longer Battery Life [Android]

There are plenty of different smartphones on the market these days and they come loaded with all sorts of features. From an elegant and beautiful design to a good quality camera...

How to Change the Default Search Engine in the Browser on Android

While most of the web browsers that we see in the market use Google as the default search engine, sometimes you might just want to stop using Google and switch to...

How to Disable the Facebook Video Autoplay on Android and iOS

The Facebook app on Android and iOS automatically starts playing videos when you come across one while going through your newsfeed. While some users prefer to have their videos play automatically, the...

5 of the Best SMS Scheduling Apps for Android

While you may be scheduling your emails so they get sent at the right time to the intended recipient, did you ever think of scheduling a text message? Probably not. It is...

How To Use Google Voice Now That It’s Integrated Into the Hangouts Android App

Google has allowed the Google Voice Android app to grow stagnated, instead working to integrate the service into Hangouts. Now the two forces have come together. Yet with any merger, there...

How to Stop Google Recording Your Location History on Your iOS/Android Device

Most of you probably know that Google collects a lot of data from you, but are not actively taking actions to protect your privacy. One of the things that Google tracks...
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