One of the advantages of being a freelance web design professional is you are free from the 9 to 5 grind aside from being your own boss. However, after being one for a certain period of time, you might be wondering why you can’t seem to get the breakthrough you’ve been expecting – that is getting enough quality clients.

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You have the skills, you know the tricks, you’ve done all the suggestions and advice you can get. Or have you?

This is one of the biggest struggles or dilemma any freelance web design professional has. So what is the real reason behind it? Let’s look at 10 common but often overlooked reasons why you’re not getting enough clients.

1. You are not networking.

When you have done a good job, your clients will turn into raving fans and become your spokespeople, right? There’s a certain percentage that this can happen. However, you should also consider the possibility that these satisfied clients might keep you to themselves. If this happens, what’s your Plan B?

If you don’t go out and market yourself either online or offline, how can other potential clients know about your existence? It also helps if you collaborate with other web design professionals – you don’t just gain clients, but you also gain new insights.

2. You are not consistent.

Any marketing campaign becomes successful when it is consistent. A good initial conversation with potential clients is meaningless if you don’t follow-up. Many opportunities are lost because professionals lack consistent follow up in their network. You can build consistency and therefore get enough clients by constantly creating positive conversations through email, social media, or offline.

3. You have nothing unique to offer to potential client.

In the world of freelancing, it has always been a race to the bottom – whoever offers the cheapest price wins the project. Why? Because everybody offers the same service and skills. Some can even do it faster than you do. Unless you stand out and have something unique to offer, you won’t turn your customers into raving fans and get the referrals you want.

4. You have nothing valuable to offer.

Something becomes valuable if it is desirable. You add value not just by offering something unique and excellent, but also by building relationships with your client. Everyone wants to know that somebody cares for them, especially when they least expect it. Your clients feel the same way – a small thank you note or a message asking them how they are makes a lot of difference.

5. You have a weak online presence.

It is a fact that when a potential client is looking for someone to design their website, they will ask for referrals. It doesn’t stop there, however. They will definitely check out each of those referrals’ profiles online for a background check. If you forgot to keep your online profile up-to-date, you might lose potential clients because of that.

6. You haven’t identified the specific client you want.

What kind of people are your dream clients? Does your website or profile has a message that deliberately convey that to the clients you want to attract, or are you still trying to be the jack-of-all-trades? The message on your profile or your website is a powerful tool to educate people about the type of clients you are looking for.

7. You are looking in the wrong places.

Networking is a good way to build your influence. However, if you are looking in the wrong places, you are also wasting your time. It means that instead of networking at general-type events, it pays more to network at events within the web design industry in order to find the right clients.

8. You have stopped upgrading yourself.

You are only as good as the last project you had. New technologies, tools, and strategies are being developed regularly. If you don’t take the time to keep yourself in step with these new technologies, trends and tools, you are driving yourself to extinction. Take time to learn and upgrade yourself, so you can add more value to yourself.

Might it be suggested to start off by investing into this ebook “Never Run Out of Projects Starting Today”. Pardon the shameless plug, but it’s guaranteed that this will help you upgrade those business and technical skills.


This book includes ten in-depth discussions and examples on the following topics.

1. Getting Steady, longterm projects
2. Placing up a Portfolio that Sells
3. How to Price Yourself
4. Connecting on Social Media
5. Advertising on Job Search Sites

6. Where to Get Clients Offline
7. Where to Get Clients Online
8. Creating Your Design Proposal
9. Creating a Client-Designer Contract
10. Client Management and Organization



9. You are using the wrong marketing tactics.

Are the techniques and strategies to reach potential clients the most effective ones available to you? Are they the most appropriate for your target market? Do they match the skills and expertise you have? Use these questions to assess your techniques and strategies. If they do not work, it’s time to change them.

10. You appear desperate.

You need clients, but you don’t have to show how desperate you are to have one. Potential clients can sense if you are overly desperate about getting the project. Desperation can either attract the wrong clients who will abuse that desperation, or drive them away because of distrust why you have no clients. Instead be confident and be natural when talking to potential clients. Show them your expertise confidently.

Sadly, That’s Not All of It

And it cannot be stressed that a list of ten things cannot help you get more clients overnight. It takes constant practice, sacrifice and investment to build a steady flow of clientelle. You can learn much more through building your knowledge, and really putting money where value is provided.

Yes, the ebook, “Never Run Out of Projects” was mentioned, but if you’re not convinced that that is value enough, maybe you would also like to check out the video course version of the book.


Getting clients and keep them for the long term is difficult. What you say and do not say will greatly affect how you attract potential clients. However, once you know what’s stopping you, you can change strategies and fix mistakes you have been making.



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