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What is Blogging? (Recommended for Beginners)

It may be a new thing to hear when someone says to you that ‘I’m a blogger!’ or when you ask anyone that ‘What do you do for living?’ and he/she replies with one weird word ‘Blogging!’ and you say ‘Sorry! Come again.’ If you feel embarrassed or ashamed for not knowing this somewhat strange thing then you shouldn’t be.

Because in our life, many things are new at times like people were astonished to know about an airplane when Wright Brothers first made it but now, this is a common thing for us. In simple words, blogging is nothing but just a way to share our knowledge with others and keep them informed and that’s it.

What is Blogging? (Recommended for Beginners)

Brief Explanation:

In our school days, we used to write different things that happen in our life and then keep them safe under the pillow or behind the clothes in cupboard. Some of us also used to write down recipes and similar tips of getting something fix or making a delicious cake. But! We are living in a new era where trends have been changed very much that we don’t write hard copy diaries and use different online tools to note things down instead.

Our old phonebook has become the part of our mobile handset which is a common example of this change. In the same way, people who know something, better than others, write weblogs/blogs and then share them publicly rather than hiding them away. Blogging is a normal phenomenon that is connected with human psychology. You need to know something, you’d search it on Google but have you thought that where does the answers come from?

No! It’s not the program or Larry Page who answers your query it’s just humans like you and me. Some needs answers, some have them and whom so have them they write them in shape of blog posts and others get them.

Why People Blog?

Everyone has different reasons to answer this very question. Like some blog as a hobby and others to share their awareness for supporting a campaign. In the same way, few people blog to earn a living and rest do it for various other reasons. Whatever the reason is, the main objective is to gain something by sharing knowledge. To clear this answer furthermore, here are few categories that can be made according to different needs of guys who blog about:

  • Expert Bloggers: Some people, having brief knowledge about a product, tend to blog on one specific topic which is often called ‘Niche’ in blogosphere and constantly write fresh content to keep their readers informed about it in best possible way. They also make money off their blog by monetization or affiliate marketing.
  • Business Owners: Now this kind of blogger do blog about a thing but tend to be specific about that niche/topic and write for a limited audience that could be the possible customer of his/her local business. They are also referred to as ‘Small Business Owners’. They usually have the same domain name on which they have a pub, parlor or laundry service etc.
  • Journal Writer: These bloggers/writers write about different things and publish them through a common blog rather than categorizing them in different blogs. Normally, their blogs have a variety of articles/blog posts to pick one and read and looks like a salad tray with all these different categories all under one roof. They, too, blog for making some cash from their writing efforts either by displaying 3rd party advertisement or a monetizing program etc.
  • Product Promoter: As the name tells it all, these people blog about a specific product for a limited time frame, obviously, to promote it and earn some commission by writing an engaging and convincing product description and benefits one can get by using it. These bloggers can be seen anywhere e.g. on a blog, in an FB group or tweeting something about a new product. The main objective of these bloggers is to convince people to give shot to their product and that’s it.
  • Freelancers: These bloggers are actually writers who blog to showcase their work and then hunt for prospects that are in search of a proficient writer who can write their blogs and earn money by doing this blogging stuff for others. Some write on a diverse range and others tend to be specific on a single topic/niche when writing for others.

Is Blogging Divided into Further Kinds?

In old days (Of blogging) it was a general activity that was just to share useful advice back in 2000 but now, it has more than 10 types that people choose for different campaigns or purposes etc. Few of the types are mentioned below to give you an idea:

  • How-to Guides: This is one of the most popular kinds of blogs that deals with how-to guides and covers various topics e.g. cooking, swimming lessons, music lessons or educational tutorials etc.
  • Review Blogs: Another type of blog is review blog where people share information and their personal experience about a gadget or a product after trying it or digging information out about the product e.g. mobile, laptops, PCs and home appliances etc.
  • Non-Profits: When different kind of NGOs, charitable trusts or foundations run a blog for sharing the awareness of a specific campaign to raise money/funds then it is referred to as non-profits blog. For example a trust raising funds for special children writes about different problems they have and how one can contribute to ease their problems by donating some cash.
  • Business: When a person blogs to share things about his/her business to directly engage with prospects and future customers then it is referred to as business blogs. For example, when lawyers, realtors or beauticians blog about their business to aware the end user about different things of that business then it is a business blog.
  • Educational Institution: Even educational institutions like school, college or university blog about different things that is focused to help students to remove the possible hurdles or obstacles a student can face during the session.
  • Personal: When a common person blog about a particular thing like politics, banking and finance or gardening to give his views, under the law ‘Freedom of Speech’ then this type of blog is referred to as personal blog.
  • Sports: You have seen many famous sports channel having a blog where they update about all the current news and inside gossip. This type of blog is called sports blogging that is specific only to the sports and games like Football, Hockey or Polo etc.
  • Politics: When a political body shares some knowledge and gives an opinion about a current scenario then it is referred to as politics blog or blogging.
  • Warez Blogs: If someone promotes different kind of online/offline products that is not his/her own property then it is referred to as warez blog.
  • NOTE: It is illegal to promote anything that is not your possession without the permission of its real owner.
  • Travel Blogs: When someone shares the experiences about a city or country or may be about a hill station either on weekly basis or maybe every month then it is referred to as a travel blog and the person is referred to as travel blogger.
  • Affiliate Marketing Blogs: When a person write blog posts and encourages purchasing a subscription or a product then he is an affiliate marketer and the blog is called affiliate marketing blog. It is obvious that they are writing it to convince the reader and earn some commission off their writing efforts.
  • Promotional Blog: If anyone writes a book or creates a product that he/she sells through Amazon or any other famous online store like eBay or Etsy then he’d blog about relevant topics that relates to his/her product to promote that product. This kind of blogging is called promotional blogging and the person is referred to as promotional blogger.

This piece of writing was written to tell people about ‘What is Blogging’ and its possible kinds, we’d cover all the important aspects in later articles briefly. So keep in touch and visit us to know more about blogging and tips to get success in it.


If you want to blog like a pro then you just need to learn few technical things that are explained in pretty easy way on this website. You just need a blog that is either free or premium and you are good to start off your blogging journey. If you go for a free blog then make account either on Blogger or WordPress and start blogging on your niche. But if you want to start a premium blog that is recommended to manipulate your website in any way you want then you need to purchase hosting and a domain that costs around $50 a year.

Do share your questions and let us answer them through the comment section below.

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