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70 Worst Photoshop Mistakes In Magazines And Advertisements

In this day and age, who doesn’t love Photoshop? With it you can manipulate any picture you want, however you want. Add in, remove, trim a bit here and there; if you know how to use Photoshop, you know how to truly edit a photo. So it’s no surprise that it’s considered the Swiss Army Knife for designers, letting them chop away at any flaws.

However, just with any tool, you need to be trained or you could end up with a blunder. Even the professionals sometimes don’t notice the mistakes they make, and it is especially funny to find a Photoshop error in a high end magazine. This list is the sequel of our previous worst Photoshop mistakes and this time we’ve featured other ads as well. You might find this hard to believe but we have 70 of them.

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The left leg and hip don’t seem to connect very well, do they?

Adam Levine is trying to be a superhero by wearing that red carpet behind him. And it looks like Carson Daly has really long fingers.

Claire Danes’ right leg seems to have gone through the bed.

Again with the legs. I’m suspecting Photoshop hates legs.

I stand corrected (hah). Photoshop hates all limbs equally.

Because that F1 vehicle is obviously there.

Who needs a tummy tuck when you have Photoshop?

The only thing worst than the fact that some of her fingers are missing is the fact that she’s drinking McDonald’s coffee.

It’s the new thing in modelling. Two belly buttons. You heard it here first.

Lebron has learnt that floating towards the hoop is much more efficient that dunking the ball.

This bikini is brought to you by Microsoft Paint.

Those phantom limbs have to go somewhere, right?

Five fingers makes you play better than the love child of Hendrix and Clapton.

More arms means more dakka.

This image is going to give me nightmares for weeks.

All that cycling made her left foot grow more toes.

Holding on to a phantom hand.

The baby’s face is badly copied and pasted onto the bag.

Her hips don’t line up pretty well. Must be another modelling trend.

Again with the legs!?

Amazing airplane is able to stabilize without front wheel.

Amazing dad has three arms to hug family.

World’s most awkward thigh gap.

The woman is missing her entire lower body. Must have made it easier for him to carry her.

Left arm is missing. Sure it will turn up somewhere later on.

Or maybe people who Photoshop have some sort of amputee fetish.

See what I mean?

The girl must be some sort of contortionist to hold a man like that.

“My mommy has two hands on one arm!”

Whatever diet Adam Levine is on just cut away half of his torso.

Avril, you really should see a doctor about that right elbow.

Sunbathing can be dangerous. Here is an example where her right leg melted off.

Maybe a bit of Skele-Gro can fix that right leg of yours, eh Hermione?

That right hand looks like it’s been broken in two.

The day daddy decided to become a disembodied head was the happiest day for the family.

It’s more fun to pretend that all disembodied hands are actually ‘The Thing’ from The Addams Family, enjoying a career in modelling.

Someone call Sir Mix-a-lot. Those are some unusually huge hips.

2D Pokemon pants, coming to a Pokemon Center near you.

Careful not to hit Phil with that club there, Tiger.

The Thing offering congratulations to his opponent.

That necklace looks painful, being embedded into your skin and all.

Shadow: the natural enemy of Photoshop.

Proof that couples who stay together long enough begin to look like each other.

Does this snuggy make my head look big?

You should see a doctor about that small, thin and disjointed right leg.

The bikes are cutting it a little too close there.

In order to become the best chauffeur you can be, you must be one with the car.

Michelle Obama has plenty of fingers to go around.

The legs and upper body look like they don’t connect very well. And what in the world is between them?

Maybe he’s adopted. Or more likely they copied and pasted the face of an Asian kid.

Knew we’d find that missing arm somewhere. Under a desk of all places.

If it’s women, then big hands, big…?

It looks like a very uncomfortable position to hold a sign.

Again, somebody call Sir Mix-a-lot.

Mommy has really long legs.

The two towering bosses looming over their peons.

I’m running out of leg jokes.

This diet plan will turn your body disproportionately tall.

Model holding The Thing with his left hand.

The bride of Edward Scissorhands.

The arms are smashing into each other.

A pair of giant hands and a head on a pair of legs.

See? Told you double belly buttons would catch on.

No amount of Vaseline can help that hand of yours.

Sometimes, you feel like they hired 6 year olds to do their Photoshopping.

The Thing decided to try for a career in basketball.

That waistline cannot be healthy.

Another example of the torso not lining up properly.

Toes are unsexy so of course we have to Photoshop them out into blocks.

This baby will make a fine addition to the X-Men.

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