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The English Labyrinth: How to Communicate with Freelance Clients

English is a difficult language. So many rules. So many exceptions to the rules, but anyone can easily learn it.  The problem is, English as a language should be learned through immersion. But, generally, it is often taught academically.

It is really hard to communicate with freelance clients who speak English poorly. Issues also arise with native English speakers who particularly have a heavy regional accent that is too difficult to comprehend.

The Importance of the English Language

The English language is so critical that immersion is necessary. Some people can remedy this problem by imitation.

Having dynamic skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening could play a vital role in learning English. Others learn English by studying it, but this is more likely monotonous and difficult.


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Grammar acts as a building block in learning English. If an individual is having difficulties with English grammar, it is important to focus on studying grammar because it the most important element of learning the language.

Some very basic concepts should also be studied and given priority to have clarity in creating appropriate and meaningful sentences. Grammar does play an important role in learning English-or speaking English fluently.

If you think this is hard to do, try to develop your English skills in a balanced way. There are a lot of things going on involving grammar. Everyone is not crowned to be perfect.

As web developers and designers, the use and understanding of the English language is very crucial for any transaction you might be engaged in. That is, success of any business transaction depends on rightful and effective communication.


Reasons Why We Should Learn English

  • English is the official language in a large number of countries around the world. It is estimated that  over 1 billion people use English for communication.
  • Although it can be challenging and time-consuming, the language is also very valuable for it can create many opportunities.
  • English is considered to be the ultimate business language and it has now become a necessity.
  • Research across the globe shows that international business communication is most often written and based on the English language.
  • English dominates in the global marketplace.
  • Many of the world’s top blogs, write-ups, books and e-books and music are published and produced in English.
  • By learning English, you will have greater access to the wealth of web entertainment and develop greater cultural understanding.
  • Most of the content published and produced on the Internet is in English.


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Why Is It Difficult to Speak?

English changes. Have you ever experienced that it is very easy to communicate in English with certain people while others make you nervous? You start to rattle and you can’t pronounce even the simplest word?

How to deal?

  • Have vocabulary databank


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Finding yourself struggling for words because you may want to put things in proper order is a no-no. Have adequate vocabulary so that the other person can easily understand you.

  • Power your confidence


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Preparation and practice can be a big help for building confidence. Always try to be positive on the application of English and focus on the familiar elements and not on the English skills that needs improvement.

  • Don’t impress your client too much.

Sometimes you are stressed by pushing yourself too hard with your clients just to please them. You may start to stutter in the words and forget some of your vocabulary.

  • Don’t get easily affected.


It is difficult to talk sometimes with other people who are native speakers of English. That is why some people despise English. Seeking appreciation from others is a not always the case.

You can make a big difference in your English confidence just by making yourself not care much about what others would think about you. Ignorance sometimes comes in handy. Reactions from other people should not be given too much attention.

The Myth


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Do you think it’s true that, sometimes, it’s hard to argue with people who are not native English speakers or speak English poorly?

Speaking English seems an easy thing to do. There some myths behind people having difficulty in communicating using the English language. Lets us look at some of them:

Myth #1: People learn to speak through explicit teaching or memorization.


An individual subconsciously learns a language  even before being exposed to a certain environment . At an early stage, language is acquired regardless of what kind or the number of languages used.

Myth #2: Languages deteriorate over time


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These days people create a different set of language as generations evolve. All living languages change over time. Borrowed words get adapted into different generations.

For this fact, English has never been stable. Many terms are added each year. And this is what makes it difficult to learn. Dozens of words that sounds exactly the same but have different meanings. If a language stops changing then a language dies.

Myth #3: Reading and writing are an vital parts of language


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Language has been around for at least a hundred thousand years before any kind of writing was made. Not all languages are written. Spoken and sign languages are acquired naturally when exposed in an environment without conscious effort.

Myth #4: Some languages are more complex or better than others


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Languages that are straightforward in one area are often complicated in another. For instance, in the Chinese language, Chinese has no tenses but it has a writing system that is very different in the system used in the English language.

Languages reflect social judgement about who has power or who is considered more important.

Client Communication


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A good and sound communication is the top-most skill that separates top-tier freelancers from amateurs. This takes solid commitment and consistency. Great communication results to happy, satisfied clients. Happy clients could make referrals, providing you a database of productive people that ensure you potential business transactions in the future.

Frequency and clarity are the two main attributes that comprises good communication. It’s about one-line responses that you can send immediately and be followed up later.

Keeping in mind that communication is your client’s lifeline. Communicating honestly and consistently with your client will create a clientele that are very happy and extremely loyal.


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Tips to Good Communication:

  • Write everything down.
  • Transact in your most comfortable way.
  • Connect in your most convenient time.
  • Be professional.
  • Ask questions.
  • Provide suggestions or advice when needed.

Without good communication, there is a chance that your client will be unsatisfied, resulting to disagreement.

Freelancer and Client Relationship


Relationships plays a huge part in our lives which is why client relationships are no different. Having a good set of commandments can help you succeed in any client transaction.

  • Go for Your Own Success


Most successful and productive freelancers have an entrepreneurial spirit. Possess a strong work ethic and highly inclined to deliver great results for their clients.

  • Be dynamic and reliable

Reliability and being dynamic are very important in having awesome work. Responding to emails promptly and catering to your professional promises. A great Internet connection is also  vital.

  • Be the Boss


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As a freelancer, the time is in your hands. You are the one responsible for the overall  activities of the projects and, most especially, your client relationships. Communicate expectations realistically. Give your best shot always!

  • Fantastic output results to great relationships

If you deliver and answer an outstanding work and maintain a harmonious working relation, there is no reason for a client not to stay with you.

Lifehacks to Great English Speaking


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Here are some things you might try to develop your skills.

  • Persistent practice
  • Be a risk taker.
  • Boost your vocabulary.
  • Speak in front of a mirror.
  • Do chatroulette website and speak to strangers.
  • Read a lot.
  • Listen to YouTube videos, music, movies, etc.
  • Improve your grammar skills.
  • Spend a lot of time speaking or immersing yourself in a certain group.
  • Get a regular language partner or do a language exchange.


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Close Deal

If you know that your spoken English is decent, you just have to accept that there are certain people who make you nervous and that it has nothing to do with your actual English skills.

You have to realize that there are things you can change about the way you interact with others. What is your effective communication strategy?

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