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12 bewilderingly bright ecommerce sites for your instant attention

Finally an excuse to wear your sunglasses around the office.

One of the easiest ways for a website to immediately grab the attention of a visitor is to turn the colour up. Way up.

If you’re of a particularly bold inclination, I for one am hugely attracted to bright solid colours or anything neon, you’ll appreciate it when a site breaks out of the usual whites, greys and blacks of typical ecommerce design.

It separates you from the crowd. It’s a statement of independence. It’s a statement of rebellion. Sure not everyone will dig your new hypercoloured threads, but just remember that the squares can keep their greys… You’ve gone Technicolor. 


Hard to miss collaboration between Engage and Revolutions, which also has a neat little spin the bottle touch.


Pink. So much pink. It’s glorious, and the site itself is a scrolling, interactive winner.

Handy Hat

There’s so much going on here, but all of it is completely charming and filled with wonder.


Fitbit has a brilliant scrolling, subtly-animated lead-in to its ecommerce site which reveals equally colourful product pages.


This is a fantastic scrolling website showcasing the history of the Dutch fashion brand.

Urban Originals

Incredibly large bright images completely dominate the homepage and make for an arresting welcome.

Design By Humans

It’s very easy to constantly highlight Threadless and its fantastic looking ecommerce store, so let’s give another t-shirt brand a go. Welcome to the blog Design By Humans!

Von Dutch

Step out of Von Dutch’s way, or else prepare to be smacked in the face with orange.

India Circus

The homepage is gorgeous but frankly every product page here is a feast of colour.


Bit of a no-brainer this one.

Lois Jeans

Scores for both brightness and overlarge background video.

Happy Socks

Boldness! Flat design! Socks!

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