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Kidlogger – Track N Trace

Hey guys, we are back with an awesome review. Have you every taught what your children’s are surfing in the Internet ? How hard is it to steal your friend’s password ? Well, we give you a solution for everything.


We present you guys  “Kidlogger”. First of all, a question might arise in your mind, “What is this kidlogger ?” . Don’t worry we’ll assist you, Kidlogger is a software which lets you to Track N Trace of your children’s or anyone who uses your computer. That’s right, you can record their keystrokes, web history, chat recording and much more.

We just wanted to thank Kidlogger team for giving this opportunity to us. So let’s get started.


Well, that is a terrific question. Kidlogger is packed many cutting edge features and it’s the best choice for parents to keep track on what their kids are doing on the computer. Kidlogger is also available PC, Mac and android platform. When it comes for hacking, we can easily save the keystrokes of the user(s).  That’s not the end, its packed with much more terrific features which will surely tempt you to use this amazing tool.



  • Record Keystrokes 

One of the main reason why I use this tool is to steal my friend’s password. Stealing password this way is the easiest and recommended by everyone. Kidlogger let’s  you to record they keystrokes(Typed words in keyboard) and it’s undetectable. It will be running but it doesn’t show up in your taskbar. This can be very helpful at finding what a person is searching.


  •  Web History Monitoring 

This is another very useful feature. This feature helps you to monitor the internet usage  and check the history of websites visited. Many people are clever enough to use incognito mode but, with kidlogger you can check the history even if it’s deleted. Also you can get to know very easily how much of your internet data has been used.



  • Record used Files and Folders 

I think you are little confused with the title, Kidlogger also have a additional feature which is used to record names of the folder and files which the user creates or opens. You can get to know if there is anything hidden files in your computer .

  • Make screenshots

Another marvelous feature by Kidlogger, You can make screenshot with Kidlogger. It can take screenshot at regular intervals and automatically upload the taken screenshots to your E-mail account. In addition Kidlogger also makes a screenshot when the user types any keyword which relates Windows or Mac OS. It also takes a photo of the user when the web is used.

Screenshot_3         kidlogger-mail-option

  • Chat Monitoring

Kidlogger automatically takes a screenshot for every 15 sec/or more during a Skype chat( Windows & Mac OS).  Additionally now you can also can get to know the incoming and outgoing Skype messages(Windows ONLY). This feature can help you to find out, if your children’s are chatting with strangers.

  • Time tracking 

This features tells you how much time did you or your kid spent of the computer. I mean the actual time on PC and Mobile.


  • Voice record 

Your children’s using slang while talking with others in Skype ? Time to find it out. Another cutting edge feature. Now with kidlogger you can also record skype calls.


  • Availability 

You all might think that Kidlogger is only available in PC platform, that’s where you are wrong.  Unlike any other app you can your computer from a iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian.



I’ve been using this software my past 3 months and it never ever disappointed me. I use this tool mainly for keyword feature(Stealing passwords). Another reason why I love Kidlogger is that is runs in background, other key-logging software runs either on current screen or hidden icon in the task bar.  I also wanted to thank Kidlogger team for giving us this wonderful opportunity to review their software. Finally, Kidlogger is the best software for key-logging and parental control. As I’ve told you Kidlogger is packed the bunch of cutting edge feature which’ll surely tempt you to use it.

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