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Wafer- The Most Customizable, Inexpensive & Stylish NFC Tag

NFC (Near Field Communication)  has been the new way of sharing things between two or more NFC enabled devices.  NFC is considered as the future of connecting and sharing files as it consumes less battery than any other connecting function on your phone, lesser than Bluetooth too.

Well, you might be wondering about the word “Wafer” , In simple words, its the FUTURE of NFC and Sharing. The features of this smart NFC tag really impressed me and will impress you all too. More over, its affordable and stylish. The availability of Wafer in various colours will help you suit the Tag to the Shirt you wear or the white one would be classy on any formal wear or Suits.

Sadly, Its not produced in bulk and the company needs your help to do so. Take a look at it here – Wafer Campaign or you can continue reading my review which explains everything about it.

You Can Follow The Campaign On –

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What Is Exactly Is A Wafer Tag?

What-Is-A-NFC-Tag-Sticker-Wafer-The-FutureAs I said,This little thing , barely the size of 1/3 rd of you finger, yet the most exquisite price of technology you would have ever seen.  Now The technical definition is that – Its a NFC tag with a chip embedded in it, A Chip which is capable of storing small amounts of data and is rewritable. It can be set to perform simple functions initiated with a tap from your NFC enabled phone.


The Wafer’s Design –

Wafer-NFC-Tag-FutureAs you can see, its a 25mm x 25mm Squared tag with curves at the corners. and its water proof! My opinion? Well, it really looks sexy *_* ! I just can’t take of my eyes from it. It look simple yet gorgeous because of the Eye-Candy text and graphics on its body.

The Wafer tag is available in the following colours- Wafer-Colors-NFC-Tag   And also, the text and the graphics on it can be customized according to your will and wish ( We will talk about it later!) ;)

Memory / Storage Capacity-

Memory-Capactiy-Wafer-Campaign-The-NFC-Tag   Wafer Tag is not only affordable, but also has the highest storage capacity and this makes it stand out among the other NFC tags. Wafer features a Whopping 512 Bytes to store the functions and applications you set into it.

Infinite Capabilities –

Infinetly-Capable-Wafer-NFC-Tag   The Wafer tag has infinite number of capabilities. Be it your home or your office, just a tap from your phone can do many things!  In other words, This thing is built to simplify your work and make things easy for you.Just a tap….Whoa! Its done! Here are some innovative things you can do with it- Wafer-Tag-Infinitely-Capable-1 Wafer-Tag-Infinitely-Capable-2   Wafer-Tag-Infinitely-Capable-3There are few among a million innovative things you can do with it. You can get innovative with it and you can set many more functions to the Wafer Tag!

Customizable : Add A Personal Touch-

Customizable-Wafer-NFC_tags    The Customization option brings you and people closer to this special NFC tag. You can add your own text on to the Wafer Tag without any extra expenses. You can add different texts on different tags which helps you to segregate each tag with its functions. Also the amazing cursive font makes it look trendy and amazing!

Well, you can add only up to 20 letters and you need to send the “personal text” while ordering for it.

Specifications And Compatibility-

Tech-Specifications-NFC-Wafer_Tag   The specs sound amazing right? Well, let me sum it up. The Wafer doesn’t require any power to run and has a storage capacity of 512 Bytes.  Its water proof and the operating range is between 0-50mm . It comes with 1,00,000 Write cycles and has options to secure/ lock data. Compatibility-Wafer-Tag-NFCCompatibility is one of the best features of this Wafer tag. Its compatible with every NFC enabled device and can run with any OS except for iOS as Apple doest support NFC. It can run on phones of every company   ( Nokia, HTC, Motorola, Sony, BlackBerry, Samsung, and so on… )


You might think that this NFC tag cannot beat the products by the big boys- Sony. Samsung ,etc… But thats not true. :) Sony’s and Samsung’s NFC Tags are not even worth comparing! Not able to believe it? see the comparison chart for yourself! Comaprison-Sony-Smasung-NFCtags-With-Wafer-Tag   Shocked? of course you are. The Tags from the big boys are costly but are not capable of doing things which the Wafer can do!

Final Verdict-

Pros –

  • Looks Gorgeous and Compact.
  • Waterproof abilities makes it capable enough to withstand harsh conditions.
  • Simple TAP and Perform Functions makes it the best.
  • Most Affordable NFC Tag ever.
  • Compatible with All NFC Enabled Smartphone.
  • Easy to Configure.
  • And many more….


The only disadvantage is that the iPhone Users cannot get their hands on this sweet thing. The Wafer tag doesn’t support iOS as Apple doesn’t feature NFC on its devices.

More About it-

Wafer- A Robust, Futuristic and Simplistic NFC tag which can do anything when accompanied with a creative mind like yours. You can use it for business or also for your personal needs. Its really an amazing thing to have. I would recommend you to check the fund raiser page on indiegogo to know more abou tit ( Have a look at its amazing features and i bet, you’ll pre order one for you!)

More Details On How To Set Functions and Configure it, Product Timeline, Funds Collected featured here- Wafer NFC Tag 



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