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foods that keep acidity at bay

Foods to beat acidity while fastingDieticians say that fasting is good for health, following a healthy fasting diet and not starving yourself is the key to maintain overall well-being. While lack of stamina and weakness are common signs of improper fasting, these effects can be minimized by following good fasting practices. Apart form these, a common health problem seen in people who fast for the first-time is acidity. Here are few foods that one can eat during the fasting-season of Navratri to ease acidity.


Banana is a perfect natural and effective antidote for acidity. Being high in potassium, this fruit helps relieve the symptoms of acidity. Potassium present in banana also stimulates the stomach lining to produce mucous thereby lowering the pH levels in the body. Also, the high fibre content of this fruit prevents recurrence of acidity. Eat overripe bananas as you fast this season, to avoid frequent bouts of acidity.

Coconut water

While we all know that coconut water is packed with numerous health benefits, the fact that this humble and hygienic drink also act as a natural remedy to combat acidity is not known by many. Coconut water being isotonic in nature helps maintain normal pH levels in the body thereby preventing acidity. This natural drink also helps flush out toxins from the body and thus, provides quick relief from acidity.

Cold milk

Cold milk is an effective natural aid which helps in the prevention of acid build-up in the stomach. It absorbs excess acid present in the stomach and relieves that burning sensation caused due to acidity. If you do feel a bout of acidity coming on, drink a glass of cold milk without mixing any additives like sugar to help combat acidity.


Just as milk is good for people suffering from acidity, milk products like curd and buttermilk are also known to relieve the problem. These products help beat the burning sensation caused during acidity by cooling the stomach and reducing irritation and discomfort on commonly feels. Apart from providing essential nutrients that are easily digestible, eating curd or drinking buttermilk prevents the recurrence of acidity.

Musk Melon

Deepshikha Agarwal, dietician and sports nutritionist, Mumbai says, ‘musk melon is rich in nutrients like antioxidants and fibre, which play a key role in combating symptoms of acidity and other stomach ailments.’ This fruit has soothing effect on the digestive system by lowering the pH levels in the stomach. It also helps in maintaining healthy mucous membrane thereby preventing recurrent acidity attacks.

Hot water

Sometimes, simple solutions are known to act as a powerful tool in fighting against various health problems. One such effective measure to reduce frequent bouts of acidity and prevent heartburn is drinking hot water. Warm water acts as a natural detoxifying agent which flushes various toxins from the body and helps lower the amount of acid in your stomach.

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