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Business Blogging Tips – Guest Post Roundup

Denise-at-Machu-PicchuWhile I was on my recent dream vacation in Peru, I practiced what I preach to my clients, and invited several clients and colleaugues to share guest posts on DeniseWakeman.com. After all, I didn’t want my blog to go dark for two weeks and I was so busy before I left, I didn’t have time to do a lot of advance writing. 

Three posts stood out because they focused on business blogging and I want to make sure you don’t miss them. All are worth the time to read and share your thoughts and comments.

How to Be an Ideal Guest Blogger
by Rebecca Livermore
Four excellent etiquette tips if you want to get your guest posts accepted on influential blogs.

What Blogging Can Teach You about Yourself by Kim Gusta
The surprising results a reluctant blogger got when she decided she wanted more visibility for her business.

10 Ways to Save Time and Energy Blogging by Tom Treanor
Be sure to read the comments to learn additional tips for saving time on your blogging!

 There was also a post by Nicole Dean on The Future of Ink, that’s a great tip for bloggers as well…

Become Famous Like Oprah. Publish Collaborative Blog Posts

P.S. I’ve wanted to go to Peru and experience Machu Picchu for about 20+…that’s why I’m so excited in the picture above! 🙂 I’m working on an article and webinar on what you can learn about business from trekking in the Andes (check out some of my pictures). Stay tuned…

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