Our pets can be more than just cute, cuddly, and kind. Did you know your pets are good for your health? They benefit not only your mental health but your overall physical well-being.

Here’s how our pets are good for us.

They can make us smarter

Studies have shown that children with pets learn to read faster and better. A group of children practiced reading aloud to their dogs. The results showed that this reading makes children more relaxed. Many children stated that they feel more confident when reading to dogs, rather than to their peers or parents.

Having pets helps children develop non-verbal communication tools, increases IQ, and increases emotional intelligence. It should be said that more detailed research in this area has not yet been carried out.

They can reduce the likelihood of allergies and asthma

On the one hand, such a statement does not seem entirely logical. Still, scientists have found that having pets, especially a cat or dog, lowers the chances of young children developing allergies and asthma

The University of Wisconsin Allergy and Clinical Immunology published research that showed that young children raised with dogs or cats at home have heightened immune systems to fight chronic respiratory diseases and are less likely to become allergic. 

They have a calming effect on children with autism.

A child with autism experiences a number of problems in everyday life. Any life situation related to social communication becomes challenging, but here the pets are ready to come to our aid.

Researchers have found that communication between an autistic child and a specially trained service dog enhances stress resistance and reduces the level of anxiety. A study of parents of younger children confirmed that their children had fewer behavioral problems associated with autism.

They help control blood sugar

Many medical organizations train some dog breeds to measure blood sugar levels and warn the owner who depends on insulin. Animals perceive certain changes in the chemistry of their owner’s body. As soon as a person’s blood sugar begins to rise or fall, the service dog will start barking, thus giving a signal to the owner to check the blood sugar level.

They help you be more active

This is the simplest thing a dog can do for a human. After all, you need to walk your dog several times a day. The larger the dog is, the more active walk it needs. And you can’t get away with just a 5 minute walk.

According to studies, children and adults with a pet in their family were more mobile and energetic than those without a dog. It’s usually difficult to make yourself go for a walk along. But when your dog needs a walk, you go! So, if your child asks for a puppy, do not deny him right away.

They help improve your mental health

Taking care of a pet helps boost your mental well-being. Walking a  dog helps to make new acquaintances among neighbors. Your tiny home inhabitant makes you switch from negative to positive energy. And small animals such as rabbits, birds or cats are even used in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

They help people with heart problems

Cuddling and hugging your pet heals your cardiovascular system. Studies have shown that dog owners are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure. Also, they have lower blood cholesterol levels. 

Years of research conducted by the University of Minneapolis have shown that cat owners are 60% less likely to die from a heart attack and as much as 70% less likely to die of any other type of cardiovascular disease. So, you may consider caressing your cat as a part of high blood pressure treatment.

They help older people be independent

Older people who own pets show greater independence from the people around them. They are more mobile and energetic. Trained dogs are provided to nursing homes to communicate with people.

Such communication brings comfort, additional communication, and mobility. This animal therapy has been shown to be effective in reducing pain, anxiety, and aggression in patients with dementia.

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