Wedding day is a special day that will remain in your memory and, of course, on the wedding photos. The most important part of the wedding photo session is the bride and groom, but the wedding dress is also very important. Whatever your wedding dress is (lush, straight, short) this is the outfit that you will wear once in your life! Therefore, it is so important to capture it in the photo in the best light!

Below are 10 tips that will help you look better in your wedding dress in the photos. 

1. Choose an appropriate background

Let’s start with the morning of the wedding and the photoshoot of the dress before the bride puts it on. To get really beautiful photos, prepare in advance an elegant hanger (no plastic, too massive, and dark options) and a background for photos.

Both a clear background (for example, an empty wall in the room) and more original options are suitable. The dress can beautifully lay out on the bed, hung on the balcony, or even hung on a tree if the wedding takes place in nature.

2. Choose the right accessories

For a beautiful back cut, ditch the long veil in favor of a shorter or more minimalist version without lace or embroidery. A classic ballgown requires suitable shoes. These must be high-heeled pumps or graceful sandals (after the ceremony, they can be replaced with a more comfortable option).

If it will be cold in the evening, you can put on a soft cardigan on your shoulders if your dress is in a rustic or boho style. If you have a traditional dress, choose an elegant bolero. Such simple tricks will help you to show your dress in the best way and match the general style of the wedding.

3. Maintain good posture

Maintaining a good posture will make you slimmer in photos and will help show your dress in the best way. But don’t overdo it because an unnaturally straight back and tense shoulders will be very noticeable in the photo. A good way to avoid this and not slouch is to pull your shoulders back a little. This will help open the chest and your arms will look more graceful.

4. Different angles

Each dress has its own winning angles, so it is recommended to rehearse a little in front of the mirror before the photo session to find successful poses. For example, for a dress with a long train, full-length photos from the back are simply required. A delicate flying dress looks very beautiful in motion, so you can run a little or spin around in place so that the wind flutters the fabrics beautifully.

5. Move slowly

When the wedding photographer asks you to walk in front of the camera, do it slowly, relaxed, and avoid sudden movements. You don’t need to rush anywhere, let the professional take as many elegant shots as possible. This also applies to walking with the groom. Do not go too fast and take small steps.

6. Pay attention to the details

If your dress has a very beautiful back, graceful embroidery, buttons, or an unusual neckline, be sure to keep these details in the photo. Feel free to ask the photographer for special attention. Even such seemingly simple shots, where the bride simply lifts the hem of the dress, focusing on fabrics or lace, look very elegant!

7. Avoid unnatural poses

Many brides are worried in front of the camera lens thinking about what is the best way to stand, where to look, where to put their hands. Because of this, they often take unnatural, tense postures. For example, they press their hands tightly to the body, which makes them look less graceful, or straining their fingers when holding a bouquet in their hands – because of this, the hands do not look aesthetically. Or they take “closed” poses, crossing their arms over the chest. 

The best way to avoid these unnatural poses is to relax as much as possible and discuss possible poses and angles with the photographer. 

8. Golden hour

There is such a concept in photography called “golden hour”. This is the time before sunset when the sun’s rays become softer and create very gentle natural lighting that transforms everything around.

Unfortunately, the timing of the wedding is often designed in such a way that the wedding photo session is carried out during the day when the bright sun only disturbs the photographer. If you do not have the opportunity to reschedule the love story to a later time, just set aside 10-15 minutes during the banquet, when the guests will be busy with the show program and go with the groom and the photographer to meet the sunset.

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