The easiest way to clean up your car is to take it to a car wash and order a complete set of procedures both inside and out. However, car wash services are becoming more expensive and not every company works properly. In order not to spend extra money on car washing and not to worry about the condition of your car after these procedures, you can learn how to take care of your vehicle yourself. 

The appearance of the car is the first thing that people around pay attention to. No matter how expensive and luxurious your car can be, if it is covered with a thick layer of dirt, it will not make a good impression. However, the cleanliness of the cabin is no less important, especially if you lease a car. In this article, we gathered 10 effective tips on how to make your car clean.

1. Prepare tools

To wash the car yourself, you will need 5-6 buckets of warm water, a large sponge or brush, and a clean rag that does not leave threads or fibers. You also need a shampoo and rubber wiper for washing glass. Make sure that the water you wash the car is not too hot or cold, otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the paintwork with a temperature difference. Don’t wash the car with dishwashing liquid or liquid soap in order to save money. There are many special tools that are inexpensive, give the body a luxurious shine, and don’t leave stains.

2. Wash the car outside

If you wash the car from a hose, you need to start from the bottom, if with a bucket and a rag, start from the roof. Wash off the body with plain water, then apply a shampoo diluted in water. If there are complex stains on the body, they can be removed with concentrated shampoo or special means. When applying shampoo, don’t forget about thresholds, bumpers, and rims. When the machine is completely “soaped”, you can start washing off. At this stage, use enough water to prevent the remnants of the shampoo that can leave ugly stains. Then use a rag to wipe the car.

3. Clean the ceiling

Start cleaning the interior from the ceiling. It is best to use one of the special products that give abundant foam. You can use the regular car shampoo, but the main thing is not to overdo it with water. The upholstery of the ceiling consists of several layers bonded with non-waterproof glue so that an abundance of moisture can lead to the ceiling delamination.

4. Clean the seats

Clean the unfolded seats to easily remove dirt and dust from all seams and joints. Use the vacuum cleaner and then use automotive cosmetics (choose depending on the type of interior). If after cleaning the strings or threads from a rag remain on the seats, you can get rid of them with a vacuum cleaner.

5. Wash the floor

Remove the mats from the passenger compartment and wash them. Don’t forget to use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor under each seat. The surface under the rugs can also be cleaned with a special foamy agent or car shampoo. However, before putting the mats in place, make sure that the floor under them is completely dry.

6. Polish the dashboard

Use a damp cloth to remove accumulated dust and dirt from the dashboard. Don’t rub the surface with a shoe care sponge. To give the dashboard a formal shine, use special polishes that care for the plastic parts of the interior, and extend their lifetime.

7. Clean the trunk

Don’t forget about the trunk because it can become a source of unpleasant odor in your car. Remove dirt and dust that has accumulated in the trunk. Then use foamy detergent to cover the entire surface, wait a couple of minutes and remove the foam. If any stains remain after this, remove them with a wet rag. After cleaning, be sure to leave the trunk open until completely dry.

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