Aging is a completely natural process that cannot be stopped. The first wrinkles appear at the age of 25 and by the age of 40 the elasticity of the skin gradually decreases. Still, now we can efficiently slow down the process of aging. There are many alternative non-surgical methods that can help you look younger without the risk of bad consequences.

Acupressure facial massage

If you have a small amount of wrinkles on your face, try Shiatsu acupressure. It is the most effective and painless procedure. This massage is aimed at an impact on certain points of the face with the help of strong pressing. 

Such massaging the face significantly improves blood circulation and stimulates the natural production of collagen, which is responsible for the youthful look of the skin. After a few sessions, you will notice that the facial skin will tighten, and small wrinkles will completely leave your face.

Laser skin resurfacing 

Previously, this procedure was used by girls who suffered from spots and scars on the skin after acne. Later, cosmetologists noticed that laser resurfacing smoothes the skin, removes wrinkles, and fights pigmentation.

This anti-age treatment technique is based on the effect of laser beams on the skin, which creates high temperatures in microthermal zones. The special arrangement of laser-treated zones and areas of intact skin causes enhanced regeneration of the skin. It actively renews itself and, as a result, looks youthful and healthy.

Skin mesotherapy 

Most often, girls ask cosmetologists to tighten their aging skin and remove wrinkles with the help of mesotherapy. Calcium Hydroxyapatite filler is used to replenish the lost volume of the face that occurs with age. It is diluted in saline at certain concentrations depending on the treated area. 

This procedure is less painful than other beauty injections and is based on injecting various enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and plant extracts. The specialist uses very thin needles that will quickly restore your youthful complexion.

However, the area of ​​application of this drug is not limited to this: it also stimulates the formation of new collagen fibers, improves the texture and density of the skin, evens out its color, smoothes out wrinkles, and has a lifting effect. Mesotherapy cannot be called an express method, and the result can be evaluated in 2-3 months.

Ultrasonic lifting 

If you are afraid of injections, pay attention to an equally popular and painless procedure, which is called ultrasonic lifting. With the help of ultrasound, subcutaneous tissues are stimulated. That triggers the metabolism within cells. New elastin fibers are produced to restore firmness to mature skin.

The first results become noticeable by 14 days. You may experience visible elasticity and tightness of the skin. A more obvious effect can be seen after 3 months, and the final results are revealed after six months. The procedure is recommended to be repeated once a year.

Botox injections 

Botox injections can effectively fight wrinkles and prevent their appearance by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses. Most often, the drug is injected into the wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Sometimes it is necessary to correct the area around the eyes to eliminate crow’s feet. 

Botox is also injected to remove nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the lips, tuberosity of the chin. This drug is efficient in correction of the neck and décolleté zones since the subcutaneous muscle of the neck can cause changes in the contour of the face.

After the procedure, correction may be necessary. It is carried out two weeks after the procedure. The duration of the Botox effect depends on individual characteristics, but on average it ranges from 4-6 months.

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