Nowadays there is so much interesting stuff you can do with your hair. You can put it in cute French braids, pull it up into a sloppy bun, or ask your hairstylist to give you white lavender hair color. No matter what – give it all a try and charm everyone with your gorgeous locks. But be cautious! Over-styling, applying too much heat, or just plain overdoing it can cause a lot of harm to your hair. To reduce the damaging effect of hair-styling, or to fix your hair if it’s already damaged, follow these useful tips.

1. Be cautious with wet hair

Any hair is weak when it’s wet. And the risk of damage gets higher if you have curly, fine, or fragile hair. So be very gentle with it. Never try to use a brush on your wet locks, unless it’s a brush specifically constructed for the thing. Choose a wide-toothed brush to detangle your wet hair. Don’t rub your hair with a towel after a shower. Instead, gently cover your hair with a terry towel, or with a gentle cloth or soft t-shirt. This can prevent abrasion that can cause damage to wet and weak hair. Avoid using a rubber band on your wet hair either—that can lead to breakage.

2. Avoid high temperature 

You’re very lucky to have your curling and flat irons and blow dryer. They can magically transform your messy hair into luxurious waves and curls or massive, blown-out perfection. But applying all that heat can lead to dry, fragile, and damaged hair.

Try not to play with high temperatures when doing your hair. Unless you have very thick or rough hair, a toll with moderate temperature will get the job done. And stay away from the heat styling at all costs. Try air-dry products that can form and support your locks without heat. If you ever use heat, wear heat protection products to protect your hair from heat damage.

3. Get some professional treatment

Sometimes self-care and home remedies aren’t enough for badly damaged hair. That’s when the professionals might help you out. Professional hair treatments suggest the maximum concentration of useful ingredients. They can deal with any type of damaged hair—from weakened over-processed hair to super dry hair that needs a lot of moisture. The stylist will commonly apply a hair repair formula right at the shampoo bowl. These products are highly effective, you’ll see and feel a transformation instantly!

If your hair is so damaged that you’ve actually started experiencing hair loss, contact a hair transplant surgery specialist. The professionals will provide you with the best hair harvesting options to prevent hair loss. 

4. Try hair masks

Hair masks are made especially for the reasons of conditioning. They have lots of reparative and moisturizing elements, like vitamins and natural oils. They’re denser than regular products and hold well when applied to wet hair. That allows them to soak deeper into your hair and fill all the cracks and cuts caused by damage. Even after rinsing, the mask still keeps providing its effect.

Look for a mask that is appropriate for your hair type. Apply your hair mask twice a week or more, without any worries. And don’t be too quick to wash it off— it is more effective if applied for longer.

The bottom line

Growing healthy hair can be as easy as growing any plant. It just needs some patience, proper nutrients, love, and care. If one of the elements goes missing, your plant will dry up. So don’t neglect it, try your best to have healthy and beautiful hair. Visit a professional to develop a healthy treatment plan that will suit your specific needs.

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