You aspired to become a renowned brand such as McDonalds and Gucci but you’re far away from reaching that point? And your prime soldier, your custom logo design, badly failed to do justice with your branding plans?

This is time to go back and find the root cause of this disaster that your failed logo did. We have listed essential reasons where your custom logo design became the reason for your brand’s sinking ship.


The prime reason for your branding plan to fail is because of the unprofessional design of your logo. A custom logo design is basically a trademark that represents your business, showcases your ideas and gives your customers a reason to relate with your brand. But if it doesn’t have the professional aspect, its no more than a funny piece of design that grabbed some eyeballs and sank into the darkness instead of doing any justice.

You Followed Trend

The internet is stormed by so many online sensations and marketers are quick to use those trending celebrities in their marketing messages. What they do wrong is to use the trends in their custom logo design which leads them to become an ordinary institute. If you followed such a clichéd logo trend while designing your professional custom logo, you’re destined to fail your branding plans. So, change your logo ASAP in order to save your brand.

Used Raster Images

Public eye never misses a shortest detail then how can it miss such big blunder when a company uses raster image as its logo? The problem with raster image file is it pixelates if you stretch it after a certain limit.

All the professional companies know that vector is the right choice for custom logo design. And you should replace your raster logo file with the vector one and save your brand from become a center of joke in your target market.

Includes Stock Art

Using stock art into social post is common but using this in custom logo design is big disaster for branding. This is because stock art is available to anyone who pays a nominal fee on their website and it can be used in almost anything.

Plus, using stock art denotes that you’ve a tight marketing budget that is insufficient for surviving in the competition. If you made this mistake, you’ve reduced your chance to become an elite brand in expected time period with such a poor logo design execution.

Complicated Design

Have you used Spencerian font for a digital marketing company’s logo which is non-understandable for many? This is an obvious mistake that you must correct ASAP if you want people to understand your logo with ease. Ideally, your custom logo design should be readable and understandable.

Wrong Font Selection

One of the easiest mistakes that companies can make is to choose a wrong font combination which impacts on the logo negatively. You used a geometric font to add a retro effect in your logo and now it looks like those Atari game titles from 80s? Using a retro effect is not a back practice but your font should go with it in natural order.

Absolute Rip-Off

If you think blending few famous designs together for creating a new custom logo design, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, this can damage your branding to such great extent that you’d fail your campaign before it even starts. Sit with your logo designer and brainstorm a fresh, unique logo design approach.

Used Free Tools

Yes, there are trillions of online, free, logo design websites but they all have limited options. Think yourself! If they put the best templates for free, who’d buy their premium subscription? So, never fall prey to a free logo design tool for having a custom logo design, ever.

Do you want to add more reasons for failed branding plans due to a poor custom logo design? Comment below and share with fellow readers!

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