Apartment design with white walls is one of the most popular today. White is the most positive color that evokes a feeling of lightness, airiness, and spaciousness. But many refuse to design an apartment with white walls, fearing that they will be too dirty. And in vain – science has long come up with finishing materials that do not absorb dirt, do not change color over time, and are also easy to clean.

Design features of apartments with white walls

White color is usually chosen by people who are self-confident, have sufficient internal freedom, and are careful in both actions and thoughts. When choosing the design of an apartment with white walls, its owner still accepts certain rules of the game – on white, those likely stains that are usually invisible on a dark surface will be visible. But the white color of the walls increases stress resistance, helps to rest, relax, maintain brain tone, and relieve fears, anxieties, and worries.

White color is balance, absolute equality of all colors. It contains all possible colors mixed in equal proportions. White promotes the development of creative abilities; it is easy to create when surrounded by white. In addition, it visually expands the space, increasing everything in size – the dimensions of the premises, decorative elements, and furniture. For example, you can search for “custom kitchen cabinets near me ” and be sure that they will look great near white walls. 

The design of an apartment with white walls allows you to place brighter accents and arrange color spots to attract maximum attention. Sometimes white is used to smooth out the contrast between two other colors. In the interior, there are often bright stylish details, for example a black table, bright red curtains, etc. The design photos attached to the article will help you visually see how white walls look in the apartment.

Advantages of apartment design with white walls


The specificity of city apartments is that they often have insufficient lighting – either the flow of sunlight is blocked by nearby buildings, or the house is initially located so that the sun’s rays penetrate it only in the afternoon. The design of apartments with white walls allows you to stabilize the situation – the color reflects particles of light and, as it were, redirects them back into the room. White apartments have no dark corners; each one is illuminated due to an interesting design with white walls.


Light colors visually expand space, while dark colors narrow it. White, to a greater extent than others, can visually increase rooms in height and width.


The design of an apartment with white walls offers a lot of possibilities for decorating the room. There is no color that white cannot be combined with since it itself consists of all colors equally. Essentially, a white wall is like a blank sheet of an album on which you can draw anything with any color. Both abstract shapes and realistic paintings will look equally good on this sheet.


The design of an apartment with white walls does not limit the choice of furniture, decor, and accessories. Moreover, with a change in the “filling” of the room, its mood also changes. Moreover, this can be done often and at a low cost.


You can not only place decor on white walls but also use them as a canvas, applying patterns and ornaments to it, decorating it with frescoes and stucco. Paintings, prints, and panels also look advantageous on white walls.

The combination of colors in the design of an apartment with white walls

As mentioned earlier, white goes perfectly with any other color. But this is not its only advantage – it also emphasizes and enhances the depth of other colors.

  • With black—a timeless classic. In this pair, white serves as a background on which black objects and several contrasting spots of decor will be placed.
  • With gray – the techno style gravitates towards this combination. All shades of gray are appropriate. The lighter the gray, the softer the transition and the lower the contrast of the room.
  • Black, white, and gray—the design of an apartment with white walls allows the use of three colors. This style is most often found in minimalism, sometimes in Scandinavian style.
  • With red, it’s quite a bold decision. But it is appropriate both in a classic interior and in a modern one. Also suitable for those who dream of an oriental-style apartment. Dark red rich tones are especially good.
  • With blue – depending on the depth of blue, it can look like a festive extravaganza or like cold, calm confidence. This tandem is often found in Scandinavian and Mediterranean interiors. But you can also create a classic apartment design with white walls
  • White is the best pair for brown. When creating an apartment design with white walls and brown decoration, pay close attention to the combination of shades. Brown also has warm and cool tones, and either cool white and cool brown, or warm brown with milky white and sheepskin, that is, warm tones, will look good in the interior.
  • With green – combinations of white and green colors are suitable for optimists and active people who enjoy life. To create an interior in Provence or country style, the apartment design combines white walls with green light decor, and dark, bright, deep green color paired with white is used in a classic or oriental interior.

Apartment design with white walls became popular in the 20s and 30s of the last century in America and Europe. Initially, the color symbolized aristocracy, wealth, and success. In the 60s, this apartment design became the basis of the newly emerging minimalism style. The color emphasized the deliberate emptiness of the premises, spaciousness, and laconicism.

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