Not a single person has a perfect nose. Actually, many people have noses that are slightly curved and could be fixed with a deviated septum treatment, which helps strengthen and properly align the nose or septum. Proper nose alignment is important to achieve comfortable nasal breathing and prevent dangerous conditions like sleep apnea.

Continue reading to discover seven signs that you may have a deviated septum affecting. 

1. Breathing problems 
The curved septum makes it difficult for air to pass through your nostrils into your lungs. In this case, you may experience difficulties breathing, particularly when suffering from a cold or allergies. These diseases can narrow your nasal cavities and cause swelling, complicating your breathing.

2. Frequent Nosebleeds
In some cases, a deviated septum can make your nose bleed. A nosebleed can occur due to the curvature of your nose, creating turbulence as air passes through your nostril. Try to imagine that your septal cartilage is like a car hood or a wing of a plane. The better its aerodynamics are, the easier it’s for air to pass through your septal cartilage (or the wing of a plane). The more curved your nose is, the drier it gets, leading to a risk of bleeding.

3. Frequent headaches and face pain
Deviated septum may clog up your nose leading to headaches and face pain. In some cases, painful sensations and discomfort may occur due to the septal cartilage pressing against the outside wall of your nasal cavity. In such a case, the best thing you can do is undergoing septoplasty surgery – a treatment aimed at correcting both functional abnormalities and the shape of your nose.

4. Regular sinus infections and colds
A blocked airway or improper breathing through your nasal passages can lead to a sinus infection and post nasal drip – a common sign of cold. If medications fail to help treat your infected sinus or cold symptoms, it’s best to consult a specialist regarding treatment options.

5. Problems sleeping
A deviated septum can also lead to serious problems with sleeping. You probably know how difficult it can be to fall asleep when your nose is severely clogged up. Now imagine that is the permanent state of your nose every time you try to have some sleep. A deviated septum can cause sleep insufficiency leading to fatigue and irritation. In severe cases, a deviated septum can make you suffer from sleep apnea, which is a dangerous condition that can lead to potentially fatal consequences.

6. Snoring
A severely deviated nasal septum that blocks your entire nasal passage can cause snoring without triggering sleep apnea. Snoring is dangerous. It hampers you from getting enough rest, which makes you vulnerable to numerous health conditions. Lack of sleep also prevents you from looking, feeling, or functioning as you usually do. 

7. Awareness of the Nasal Cycle
It’s absolutely normal for the nose to be blocked on one side and then be blocked on the other side. This phenomenon is called a nasal cycle. Most people aren’t aware of their nasal cycle, but if you do – it can be a sign of a deviated septum.

The bottom line
Don’t let a curved nose prevent you from comfortable breathing. If you’re suffering from symptoms like frequent nosebleeds, headaches, and facial pain and experience problems sleeping, consult a plastic surgeon regarding appropriate treatment. Septoplasty is a perfect way to improve your breathing and fix your curved or deformed nose. This procedure can also be combined with other treatments like turbinate reduction, balloon sinuplasty, and endoscopic sinus surgery to fully reconstruct your sinus and nasal airway.

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