Say you’re working on a website that uses an icon system. Lots of people who work on the site interact with the icon system. Designers create new icons, they tweak existing ones, they have ideas on what they want the icons to do. Developers building out the pages of the site use the system.

Say you’re the front-end developer. You’re implementing this system. You’re the middle man. You’re the creator and consumer of this system.

What do you ask of the designers?

Option 1) “Please do exactly these things.”

Something like:

Design your icons in all black on a 100×100 artboard in Illustrator. Save the file in this particular folder named “icon-NAME.svg” with this exact set of options. Make sure to optimize what you can in Illustrator first, like combining paths and reducing points. When a new one is ready, run `gulp svgstore` from the project root, that will ready the icon for production. Make commits to the project pertaining to new icons separate from blah blah etc you get the point.

Option 2) “Please follow these basics.”

Something like:

Icons on our site are single-color and square. We have a folder in Dropbox where we keep the originals. If you have a new one or changed old one, do it there and let me know.

Option 3) “Give me whatever, I’ll take care of it.”

Something like:

Work in vector if possible, but otherwise work however you best work and I’ll make it work for our system.

Have you been in a position like this? How are you orchestrating the team?

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