As wonderful as the online world is for collaborations it is also home to scams that had been around since before the birth of the Internet. Technology is making it easier for the gullible to be cheated and scammed. And the only way to protect yourself is to be informed about how these scams work and to take the necessary precautions.

This infographic by takes us through 7 common online scams which I’m sure some of you have come across before. You will find cases of varying threat levels such as the relatively less-intrusive plugin that claims to show you how many times your Facebook profile has been viewed; the email threat to expose you as a pedophile; and the super-creepy remote access trojan (RAT), which turns on your webcam remotely and starts recording!

These are the online scams you should learn how to avoid or protect yourself against. Check out the tips on how to do so near the end of the infographic.

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