Snooze…snooze….snooze…. It’s been more than thrice that you have hit the snooze button. So stop hitting the snooze button and get on track for an active day ahead. As getting up early in the morning not only helps you to feel active all day long but also aids in increasing your productivity and getting things done on time. And not just that, eating right and exercising without fail is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Here is what you need to do on day 118 of fitness plan.


If you feel too sleepy to get out of bed and kick-start your daily routine, then performing few stretches followed by meditation might help you to start your day on a fresh note. It not only helps you feel energetic but also gears you up for a busy day by packing an energetic punch. Start your day with these early morning stretching exercises and feel the difference.

Healthy recipes

Breakfast: If you woke up late today and have to get your kids ready for school, make breakfast and lunch and even pack your tiffin, preparing pancakes, idlis or even uttapam, might be a time-consuming affair. Instead, what you can do is try fruit and yoghurt muesli for breakfast. With the wellness of fibre, fruits and nuts, it makes you feel light yet full until your lunch time.

Lunch: If you are following a strict diet regimen, then including rice in your diet is a strict no-no. However, brown rice, which is rich in fibre and vitamins, is undoubtedly a better option than white rice. Hence, today indulge in this tasty and healthy brown rice recipe — hara masala brown rice pulao. It not only helps you to control your blood glucose level but also prevents you from mindless craving.

Snack: Feel butterflies in your stomach even though having a stomach-filling meal for lunch? If yes, then instead of eating a healthy snack like fruit or nuts, eat a bowl of raita to satiate your hunger pangs yet maintain your caloric intake. Here’s a quick and healthy cucumber and peanut raita recipe, which only keeps you hydrated but is also easy on the stomach.

Dinner: After eating brown rice pulao for lunch and cucumber raita during snack time, it is natural to crave for junk food. And what could be better than adding a tasty twist to oats with oats and moong dal tikki frankie? Moreover, you can enjoy it guilt-free as it not loaded with oil and salt unlike those available outside.


At home: Bored of performing the same old workout routine like running or skipping every day? If yes, then dance your way out to get rid of that extra flab, tone your body and build lean muscle. If you are wondering how to go about it? Well, here’s short hip-hop dance workout video that might help! Switch it on and get started.

Yoga: Try sahaja mayurasana or the easy peacock pose, which not only helps in improving the blood circulation but also acts as an effective yoga pose for detoxification. In addition to helping you tone your arms and shoulders, it also defines your collar bones. Here is a step-by-step guide to perform sahaja-mayurasana.

At the gym: You might have mastered the act of abdominal crunches by now. But then doing it on the stability ball might help as it provides support to the back. This acts as a perfect workout to get rid of muffin top and achieve perfectly toned abs if done regularly. Here’s how to do crunches on a stability ball.

Sleep well Tip

If you can’t sleep without a pillow, then choosing the right one is the key for a good night’s sleep. So before investing in one, ensure that the pillow is firm enough and big enough to provide support to the shoulder. Also, the fabric of the pillow and the thickness matters a lot, when it comes to choosing the right pillow. Here are some expert tips for selecting the right pillow for peaceful sleep.

Fitness Plan Day 117

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Disclaimer: If you follow a fitness plan already, consult your nutritionist before switching to this one. If you are allergic to any of the foods/ingredients mentioned, please do not consume it. Do not follow this plan without consulting your doctor if you suffer from a health condition — hypertension, hypotension, diabetes, etc. or are pregnant.

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