Despite the fact that maintaining proper oral hygiene is quite simple, people tend to neglect it and face ceratin dental issues over time. Moreover, oral health is not so simple to achieve because there are a lot of factors that can affect your teeth and gum condition. Due to the fact that there are many myths and misconceptions about dental hygiene, you may simply not know that you do something wrong. That’s why we gatherers these seven debunked myths about oral health you should know.

1. If your teeth don’t hurt, there is no need to visit a dentist

One of the most common myths about oral health is that if your teeth are white and don’t hurt, you may skip regular dental check-ups without negative consequences. However, there are a lot of conditions that can develop asymptomatically and slowly destroy your teeth and gums. Moreover, there are conditions that can be diagnosed only by a dentist. You may not notice tooth decay or gum problems. That’s why regular dental check-ups are important.

2. A toothbrush with stiff bristles is the best

Many people think that a toothbrush with stiff bristles will remove the plaque better. But the reality is that such bristles can easily scratch the tooth enamel and even injure gums. Many manufacturers produce toothbrushes with only soft bristles. They can cope with plaque and prevent teeth and gum damage. 

3. Teeth whitening destroys teeth

There is a common misconception that teeth whitening procedure eats away the tooth enamel and the teeth become more week. You should know modern technologies of teeth whitening are harmless and don’t destroy teeth. They can slightly increase the teeth sensitivity after the procedure that usually goes away in a few days.

However, you should be careful with home teeth whitening kits. Their components can cause an allergic reaction. That’s why it is better to consult your dentist before use or perform in-office teeth whitening.

4. You shouldn’t treat baby teeth

Many parents don’t rush to the dentist if their kids have cavities. However, this can lead to serious complications in the future. If left untreated, tooth decay can reach the permanent teeth that didn’t erupt yet. In this case, further treatment will be complicated and unpleasant. Filling cavities is important at any age and proper care can prevent many oral issues.

5. Tooth decay affects only people with a sweet tooth

Despite the fact that people with sweet tooth often have tooth decay, this condition can affect anyone. The main cause of cavities is bacteria. These bacteria feed on food particles and plaque in the mouth. Then they start to produce acids that eat away the tooth enamel. This means that tooth decay more often affects people who don’t maintain proper oral hygiene, rather than people with a sweet tooth.

6. Teeth should be extra white

Many people are unhappy with their teeth color and consider white teeth more attractive and healthy. However, the range of healthy teeth shades is from grayish to yellowish. The enamel transparency and the dentin that lies beneath it affect the teeth color. With age, the enamel gradually erases and the dentin becomes exposed. If you want to make your teeth even whiter, you can perform a teeth whitening or cover your teeth with dental veneers

7. Teeth brushing is enough for a healthy smile

Despite the fact that teeth brushing is essential for your oral health, there are a lot of different factors that are also required. Firstly, you shouldn’t forget to floss your teeth daily. It can help remove food particles that stuck between your teeth. Secondly, regular dental checkups are also extremely important. If you will follow all these recommendations, you will have a strong teeth and a healthy smile for ages.

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