Interior design trends have been used as aesthetic aids in our attempts to find some sort of inner peace for millennia. Consider the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, where spatial positioning corresponds with energy flow, or wabi-sabi, the Japanese practice of embracing flaws, or ancient Rome’s fondness for earth-tone colors and geometric patterns in order to mimic the harmony of nature. A growing body of evidence suggests that our dwellings have a direct impact on our emotions, as well as our general health and well-being.

Meanwhile, some popular design choices of the past several years are falling to the wayside. And the new ones come in light. 

Below are 8 main trends in interior design in 2022. 

1. Compactness and versatility

Millions of city dwellers around the world spend most of their day away from home. In this regard, they refuse expensive apartments, consisting of many rooms, giving preference to studios.

However, the creation of a successful design of such dwellings requires great skills. To equip a kitchen, sleeping area, relaxation area, and even a mini-study in a small space, you need to use multifunctional furniture. In addition, when talking about a room with a very high ceiling, you can move the bed to the roof. A large closet and a “built-in” workplace can be part of it. Interior design 2022 for the studio is recommended to be carried out using various transformers.

If we talk about style, then Loft is perfect for studios with large glass windows. For those who are especially brave, we can recommend the interior design where even the bathtub will not be hidden behind partitions. It is installed right next to the bed and turned into a kind of decoration.

2. Carpets and textiles

Interior design 2022 involves the use of carpets. However, we are not talking about the usual rectangular carpets. In 2022 are trendy options with very unusual shapes and with abstract patterns. Ideally, they should be in the form of an island with a contrasting color coating. Another original solution is to use an unusual carpet with a completely transparent glass coffee table.

As for textiles, velvet and velour are in trend. And we are not talking about cherry curtains, which were synonymous with luxury at the beginning of the last century. Turquoise, blue and green colors are popular, as well as all their darker shades. They are also used for upholstery.  

Remember! There should not be a lot of such fabric in the interior. You can upholster two armchairs with colorful fabrics, but not all upholstered furniture. Moreover, avoid using the same fabric for both curtains and furniture.

3. Nature-inspired surfaces and objects

All of us are looking for ways to enhance our connection with nature as we spend more time indoors than ever before. This has sparked a rebirth in natural materials, such as stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine, which are being utilized in everything from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and ornamental objects. 

These organic materials’ raw, porous, imperfect form adds depth, personality, and aesthetic fascination while also emulating the peaceful and healing ambiance of nature. This desire to reconnect with nature led to an interest in huge trees in the house, ranging from the elegant black olive to Southern magnolias.

Designers recommend products fashioned from dazzling crystals and whirling marbles, mushroom shapes, pieces that integrate raw natural materials, and exotic flora and fauna patterns. Rich marbles, soft and organic materials, warmer tones and greige walls, and earthy components like wood, stone, and clay—all of this is traditional and refreshing because it brings nature into your apartment.

4. Plants

Eco-design continues to be popular. However, experts propose to make it alive in the truest sense of the word. A large aquarium or mini-greenhouse is an obligatory attribute of such an ecological living room. A bookcase or rack with climbing plants will look relevant, which will complement the trendy interior design of 2022.

Some decorators go even further, advising to decorate one of the walls with ivy. Such facade “finishing” will look great inside the house. Please note! it is suitable only for well-lit rooms and you will have to take care of their sufficient ventilation.

5. Shades of brown

Chocolate browns and caramels—there has been so much color and pattern in recent years, especially pastels, that people are probably ready for a palette cleanser. But brown chocolate is back! This time, though, chocolate brown will work beautifully not only with orange shag but also with other hues as a deep neutral for rich, timeless settings.

In 2022, neutrals will take a back seat as people begin to explore color again, but the palette will remain extremely near to natural tones. Paint rollers dipped in rosy, terracotta tones will be swathed from wall to ceiling in rosy, terracotta tones, creating a complete monochromatic palette that envelops you in its coziness. From cognac to burned umber, it is believed that browns will make a comeback in 2022.

6. Use of unusual materials and their combinations

Interior design 2022 should emphasize the individuality, or rather, the handicraft of each piece of furniture. In particular, it is recommended to use the furniture that looks like it was made in a village carpentry workshop. Moreover, all the flaws of the tree are recommended to be used.

The other extreme is also relevant – the use of used equipment as a material for the production of furniture items. For example, old monitors can become drawers for an unusual closet, and a keyboard can become part of a coffee table. The interior design of 2022 will also look unusual if the walls are finished with corn husk tiles. You should also use polished surfaces to add glamor.

7. The use of rare varieties of natural stone and handmade ceramics

Stone has been used for decoration since ancient times. In particular, the classic interior of 2022 will be decorated with a fireplace with chic marble coverage. Designers recommend using this mineral when creating ultra-modern interiors. Even more unusual will look like an onyx panel in the entire wall or agate surface finish.

Such luxurious interiors in a modern style will not leave anyone uninterested and will be an excellent confirmation of the high social status of the owner of the house.

8. High-tech homes

With new technological advancements, design continues to adapt. Virtual design, which many designers are embracing, allows you to build immersive settings and extremely engaging designs that are both modern and comfortable.

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