Today most car drivers enjoy the freedom to move around cities without traffic jams but this will be over sooner or later. If you don’t want to stand in traffic jams for hours and in queues at traffic lights again, you can take a look at a personal electric vehicle. There are still many warm months ahead that are ideal for this type of movement. 

There are a lot of factors that can affect your understanding of comfort. Additionally, if your vehicle has some malfunctions or you simply don’t like it anymore, you can sell your car for cash. In this article, we have gathered nine weighty reasons to change your car for an e-bike or e-scooter.

1. Reduced energy consumption

Often a heavy car is used extremely ineffectively  (to transport one person). In this case, excess energy is wasted, which is felt in the form of emptying your wallet. Try to remember your typical routes. It is likely that a personal electric vehicle can easily replace a car. If you use a car only for driving to work, meeting friends, going to the gym, then electric vehicles can handle it without any problems. At the same time, the cost of energy and your expenses will be ultra-low compared to the car. 

2. You don’t have to think about fatigue

It’s great to ride a bike, a scooter, or even have a walk. When there are signs of fatigue, electric vehicles will allow you to simply turn on the engine and drive to the desired location. This means that you can come to work on electric traction and be full of energy and on the road from work you can add physical activity into your life and use your feet.

3. Save time

In many cities, using a personal electric vehicle can save a lot of time compared to driving or public transportation. While the car drivers can get stuck in a traffic jam or at a traffic light and others are waiting for the arrival of a tram or bus, the owner of an electric bike or scooter can easily reach their destination spot.

4. Saving money

The reality is that the maintenance of an electric bike or scooter is extremely cheap. Additionally, for the first year or two, you don’t even have to think about any service at all. Compare this to a car that may need maintenance (oil, filter, tire changes, etc.) even in the first years of operation. Personal electric vehicles also don’t require compulsory insurance.

5. Better health

You should know that a sedentary lifestyle can cause poor posture, digestive issues, back pain, and many other negative consequences. Electric bicycles allow you to ride in a partially electric mode. Even such a little physical activity will be a good help for people who maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

6. A lack of problem with the last meters

It is possible to drive up to the front entrance of a building and leave your car there only in movies. In reality, after such parking, you will most likely have to look for your car at the impound. But you may not be able to park even a little further since all convenient places may be occupied. Finding parking in a metropolis often becomes a real headache. You can take the electric scooter with you into the building. Moreover, the electric bike can be left in a special parking lot, which is unlikely to be fully occupied or it can be left at the guard.

7. Reduce traffic congestion

Car drivers in modern cities often face annoying traffic jams every morning and evening. Electric vehicles can help cope with this issue. Studies show that the transition of even 10% of cars to personal two-wheeled vehicles reduces road congestion during peak hours by 2-3 times.

8. Complete autonomy

Personal electric vehicles can be easily retrofitted with a solar panel. As a result,  the charge of the e-bike or e-scooter will gradually recover while you are working or relaxing. The solar panel can be attached to your backpack and will further reduce battery drain.

9. It’s fun

If the practical benefits of switching from a car to an electric vehicle aren’t enough, then you should consider the emotional reason. Electric vehicles can help you enjoy a trip. It’s fun to ride along with the breeze with family or friends.

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