One day you can get into the car and notice an unpleasant smell in the car. You may find that the car smells like gasoline, or rotten eggs, or whatever. As soon as you notice a smell, your next thought is how can I get rid of it? If the cause of the odor is in the engine, then it must be repaired to eliminate the cause. If the cause of the unpleasant odor is something else, you need to clean the car. 

Below are outlined 8 effective tips to eliminate all odors from the car. 

1. Smoke

Smoking in the car can make your car smell like an ashtray. Cigarette smoke can get everywhere in the car. It can reach the duct system for the heater and air conditioner. Turning on the air conditioning system will spread this smell all over the car. In addition, cigarette smoke is very resistant and can penetrate the upholstery. 

To get rid of cigarette smoke smell you need to stop smoking in car. Ventilate the car and wash a car upholstery. Probably you will be required to repeat these actions a few times. However, just clean the upholstery isn’t enough since cigarette smoke is very invasive. You also need to eliminate odor from the air conditioning system. Open the hood and spray an air deodorizer through the intake valve to get all the smoke out of the conditioning system.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda works well to eliminate unpleasant odors. You spill something on the carpet in the car and this will cause an unpleasant odor. You need to sprinkle some baking soda in the area that exudes odor. Rub the baking soda in and left it overnight. Backing soda absorbs any smells very good. In the mourning vacuum the baking soda. Repeat the whole procedure again if the smell doesn’t disappear. 

3. Vacuum

Most odors trapped in the car upholstery. Vacuuming the car can often help you get rid of the odors. You need to use a special attachment for upholstery cleaning on your vacuum cleaner. Clean every corner of the car. Odors often hiding in the hardest to reach places. If vacuum cleaning is not enough then you may try steam cleaning. 

4. Natural air fresheners

Natural essential oils are good for masking unpleasant odors. You may opt for citrus, mint, or spruce essential oil, depending on which you like more. Put a few drops oil on the cotton pad and left in the car. This will fill your car with a pleasant smell and mask all odors. If you are a coffee lover, you may use coffee beans to mask nasty odors in the car. You need to put some coffee beans in the container and keep it in your car. 

5. Charcoal

Charcoal greatly absorbs different odors. It used in many air and water filters to eliminate harmful substances and smell. Take some charcoal and leave it in the car for a few days. The charcoal that you use in the grill will work fine. In a few days, the charcoal will absorb the odor and it will disappear. Driver always when are going to sell the junk car for cash. It is unlike that someone will pay a lot for a car that filled with a nasty odor. 

6. Consider professional cleaning

Sometimes tops above cannot help drivers get rid of unpleasant odors in the car. In this case, you may consider professional cleaning. This option is more expensive but they will clean your car ideally. However, you need to remember that certain smells like hitting a skunk may never come out. 

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