Whatever unique wedding you are planning, there is something that unites you with other brides who have also decided to organize a celebration on their own. These are mistakes. In most cases, these mistakes are common so you can get prepared beforehand and avoid them while planning your wedding. 

1. Thinking more about the external attributes of the wedding

Many brides imagine the celebration something like this: they are with the groom in beautiful dresses, there are the same beautiful guests around, everything happens on the shore of a picturesque lake, in the open air, and live music plays. You may think that preparing for the wedding of a dream doesn’t take much effort: a suitable lake is found, catering is paid, musicians are invited and voila!

Think first of all about the competent organization of the celebration

Indeed, an outdoor wedding is amazing. But what will you and your guests do if it rains? The lakeside is excellent. But what about the equipment: a kitchen for the chef, toilets for guests, lighting, electricity for the musicians (sound equipment needs to be connected somewhere)? Is this coast clean enough for your celebration? 

What about transport costs? Any departure of wedding specialists like a photographer and videographer outside the city will need to be paid additionally. What about mosquitoes and horseflies near the water in summer? Finally, do you know that walking on stilettos on the ground or sand is not only not pleasant, but also dangerous (you can twist your leg)?

Brides often indulge in dreams of a beautiful holiday, without going into details, it seems like everything should work out by itself. However, the wedding has not only an external, lacquered side but also a “reverse side”. Forgetting this, you run the risk of getting several force majeure at once on your wedding day, turning the celebration from a dream into a complete mess. 

Therefore, carefully consider the organization of the holiday. A good way is to “replay” in your mind every situation at the wedding, not only for yourself but also from the point of view of the guests. For example, you want to have an exit registration on the street, where guests gather. Will they be too hot under the sun? What can they do while they wait for the ceremony to begin? Where will the flowers go? 

This will make it clear to you what you need, for example, a lounge in the shade, a table with cold drinks, flowerpots, a mini-show to welcome guests. Do this trick with every stage of your wedding day. Remember that all your shortcomings will come up directly on the wedding day when it will be extremely difficult to correct something. It is better to think about everything in advance. And if you feel that you can’t do it yourself, contact the wedding planner.

2. Starting preparing for the wedding by choosing a dress

What does a woman do when she becomes a bride? That’s right, she goes to the salon to choose a wedding dress. Almost all newly-made brides do this. After all, a wedding for us is, first of all, a snow-white princess outfit that we have dreamed of since childhood

Start looking for a dress closer to the middle of preparation

In fact, the dress is only part of the wedding. As a rule, brides visit dress salons to “just look”, but few people leave the store without buying (and often they buy the first outfit they like). But many brides who first bought a dress are disappointed in it during preparation: they saw better (and/or cheaper) options or they wanted something more original. 

Sometimes it happens that initially, they wanted one wedding (classic, with a large number of guests), but in the end, they came to a completely different one (on the beach, only together with the groom, etc). And what to do with a lush, heavy dress, when in the tropics you need a light and unpretentious outfit? As a result, the “dress first thing” approach turns into frustration and a waste of money.

Start looking for a dress only after you have a complete picture of the future wedding: the place, budget, number of guests, concept are determined. Then you will choose an outfit for the wedding and not vice versa. Make a choice consciously, carefully, and you will not have to reluctantly spend money on a second dress.

3. Underestimating the planned budgets for each of the services

It is quite difficult for an unprepared person to immediately determine how much this or that wedding service will cost. Brides are often guided by some speculative figures when planning a budget that they heard/saw somewhere. Such figures do not withstand a collision with reality. What looked good and acceptable on paper, in reality, means extremely poor service. However, this does not stop the brides: they continue to look for contractors who will “fit” into the planned amounts, no matter what.

Plan your budget flexibly, based on priorities

Indeed, with the current abundance of wedding specialists, it will not be difficult to find those who agree to work for the minimum money. However, the quality of such services is generally questionable. There are certain average market prices and they are not set by chance. This is the money that allows a specialist to work efficiently, have a stable income, and at the same time develop. 

For you, all this means a good result of the work of a pro. In the process of clarifying prices, it became clear that the planned cost of some services is clearly below average? It makes sense to revise the numbers upwards. Prioritize, give up what you don’t really need, and save on what doesn’t matter to you. 

Spend the money on important points of preparation. If there is clearly not enough money for some items, think about how to reduce the cost of them: for example, by reducing the time the specialist works. The main thing is to approach budget planning flexibly. Keep the total amount that you can spend on the wedding constant, but change the budgets of individual services, based on your priorities.

4. Depending on someone else’s opinion

A typical topic from a bridesmaid forum: “I already chose a dress/photographer/rings/whatever for my wedding, but my mother/girlfriend/neighbor/boss said that it was all terrible and didn’t suit me, and I need something completely different! What to do?” One gets the impression that the brides are sure that their own desires and ideas about the wedding don’t matter. What matters is what everyone else thinks about it.

Listen to practical advice, but leave the right to choose to yourself

Making the wedding the way others see it is a sure way to remain dissatisfied with your own holiday. However, you shouldn’t go to the other extreme and take any advice from outside with hostility either. By doing this, you will only worsen relations with close people. 

Stick to the “golden mean”: calmly listen to all advice and opinions (whatever they may be), give thanks, and do as you want. If the advice really seems useful to you, why not follow it? And if not, ignore it. The wedding is yours, which means that the choice is always yours. 

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