The world got hit by the Corona Virus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The virus soon spread into every nook and corner of the world in a matter of a few months. People saw deaths all over the world. Italy, the U.S, and the U.K were most affected. The numbers are to be much higher in underdeveloped countries. These are some of the things the teacher outlined in our online classes while I was finding someone to Take My Class Online for Me.

The virus changed us and our lifestyles. It changed everything from maintaining a 6-foot distance from each other to making sure that we wear a mask. We had never seen such a scenario in a 100-year history. Things started getting worse, and speculations began to rise. There are two thoughts that people had in this situation; one of them believed that the virus exists and is fatal for the human body. The other believes that this is a hoax and it to control the world population. 

They claim that the virus is synthetic, and it is released to restore the new world order. Whatever the truth is, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Millions have fallen prey to this virus, and it has changed our lives for the worse. 2020 has been a dreadful year all around. The Australian Rainforest Fire to Earthquakes and disasters were all part of 2020. We have seen millions die all around the world. Some are claiming this as a call from Mother Nature.


The virus forced countries to impose a complete lockdown in their regions, and it meant no public gatherings, no unnecessary movement, and confinement. There was raging demand for sanitizers, masks, and protective gear. The world was getting paranoid, and the media made things for us. 

Educational institutes were also closed down, and it became nearly impossible for people to study. Online classes came as an alternative for learning in these circumstances, but people did not appreciate online sessions much. There are several factors of this for example, the majority of people do not have technical support for online sessions.

The quality of the internet is unsatisfactory, and teachers are unable to operate the tech. The institutes were charging a hefty amount of fee despite not having any expenses. It caused a public uproar. 

However, there is also a noticeable portion of the population that believes that online classes are the way out. They say that online sessions are the only way to maintain social distances. We must adjust to the new teaching methods because it will affect our lives and our future. Nothing is more precious than life, and we must prioritize survival. 


Online classes have become the primary means of education. The majority of the institutes started teaching online. Institutes like Harvard and Preston have started online sessions. These online classes took place on Online Class Software like Zoom and Google Classroom.

This software has become a lot popular all over the world.

There are different versions of it. For example, the free version of Zoom allows teachers to host a class for half an hour, after which the call disconnects. However, the students can take longer lectures without any problem in the premium version.

Google introduced Google Classroom and became the talk of the town. These IT companies are trying to improve the online learning experience. There are a lot of bugs and shortcomings in this software that are gradually improving. If this continues on its advancement, we will see a lot of improvement in online education software.

It will also assist the teaching methods, and we may see online classes as the only method of education. There are several reasons for this. The top is that experts have estimated that the after-effects of the Corona Virus will continue 1.5 years after the vaccine is released.


We have discussed the merits and demerits of an online class, but a question arises after all this; Are online sessions something to worry about? Think of it from a neutral point of view. There are numerous that one learns only on campus or through experience. It includes student etiquette, professional skill, field experience, and much more. 


We know how important experience is for professional life. The majority of companies prefer candidates with experience. It is because experienced people know how things work. They can manage and handle affairs better. It is why learned people have a better salary package than someone new.

With the introduction of online classes, the chances of online experience have reduced. It will affect the professional growth of people in the longer run. People are working remotely and do not have the skills that we need in the office. They are not able to learn on the field because of the social distancing. 


Education plays an essential part in the career of a person. A bachelor’s candidate is offered less than someone who is a Masters’ Graduate, it is because the bachelor’s program requires four years while the Masters need additional two years. A more educated person is known to solve things better. It becomes helpful for people to engage in their field if they are technically sound. However, the quality of education is low during online classes.

There are multiple factors involved in this: the teachers are not able to convey their opinion and knowledge efficiently. Students are not able to understand teachers because of communication problems. The syllabus is not designed for online classes so, we cannot apply it for online sessions.

All these things have reduced the quality of education in the world. Things will hopefully improve as better technology for online learning is introduced.


One of the biggest lacking of online learning is that you do not have corporate or field exposure. It affects the skill building of students and makes it difficult for them to cope with the pace of the world. It will directly affect how students will grow into professionals. They will not have the understanding to deal with field-related issues.

These issues include things like: upward and downward communication, management, and social interaction.

Socialization in a professional setting does wonders for the grooming of an individual. It becomes difficult for people to gain this grooming while staying online. Everything they do is limited to the virtual world.


People are limited in experience during online classes. All they learn is possible from their device. They do not have environmental information or learning so they do not have the required interactive skills. Students have mental barriers because of this. It refrains them from being able to learn effectively. 

There is little to no social interaction in online classes. There are a lot of things that you can learn from your peers and people. It is not possible via online sessions. A person who is learning online can never develop public dealing skills and others that are essential for professional life. 


I feel like online classes are an obstacle to experience based learning of students. It is nearly impossible for students to compete with someone who has exposure. It is why I do not wish to take my classes anymore and am looking for someone to Take My Class Online for Me.

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