Reasons for uncontrolled diabetesMany people who are diagnosed with diabetes struggle to control their sugar levels. They find natural ways extremely difficult to follow and often complain that their sugar levels keep fluctuating despite following a strict diabetic diet and exercising regularly. If you’re one of those diabetics wondering what could be causing your uncontrolled glucose levels, here’s an explanation offered by Dr Pradeep Gadge, consultant diabetologist, Seven Hills Hospital, Mumbai.

‘Controlling diabetes naturally may be difficult initially but guarantees best results. Not only it is the best way to keep sugar under control but also promotes the importance of living a healthy life in those who are diagnosed,’ says Dr Gadge. Yet, there could be a few reasons why natural ways to control diabetes become ineffective.

Half-hearted approach: Most people who say that they aren’t able to control diabetes with the help of diet and exercise are saying so because they’re following a half-hearted approach and are expecting great results. The path to control diabetes naturally is not easy so you need to be patient. You need to adhere to those ways and give up cheating on the plan if you want best results.

Advanced diabetes: Another reason diet and exercise might not produce great results, is the fact that the condition has progressed to a very advanced stage, where kidney problems and heart problems start emerging. In such cases too, the diet and exercise approach might not be able to help you bring your blood sugar levels to a better level than what it was initially.

Ignoring consultation Some people may avoid consultation and follow what they learn from people around them. But that cannot be a substitute to consultation. Diabetes manifests itself differently in different people. So an individualised approach, for both diet and exercise is needed. For best results you need a proper guidance which you’ll get only from a dietician, not just a diabetologist. Even in case of physical activity, all patients cannot be subjected to the same intensity of exercise. For example, those who are obese may be advised swimming as an alternative to exercise or a 45 minute walk in order to prevent damage to the knee joints.

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