Many people neglect the design of the balcony. But the balcony may become an amazing place where you can relax and spend time with your friend or partner. With the arrival of summer, you want to be outdoors more often and the balcony perfectly suits this purpose. So it’s time to stock up on interesting ideas and equip your balcony for a comfortable summer vacation.

Below are 10 amazing ideas to make your balcony super-cozy. 

1. Add a small table

A small table is an irreplaceable thing on your balcony. This allows you to enjoy your morning coffee in the fresh air. In the evening, you can prepare a romantic dinner and eat it with your loved one looking at the lights of the evening city. 

2. Opt for a space-saving furniture

If you’re short on space, opt for furniture that can be tucked or folded away when you don’t use it. The folding table and chairs allow you to get more free space whenever you need it. You can accompany space-saving or folding furniture with a soft blanket to make a balcony cozier.

3. Pack balcony with plants

If you want to make your balcony cozier, pack it with a bunch of flowerpot and beautiful flowers. In this way, you can create the feel of that backyard you’ve always wanted. You may also add some herbs to make your balcony smell as good as it looks. 

4. Add a cover

Cover your balcony to provide shade and weather protection. However, you don’t need to build a permanent overhead structure. Instead, attach outdoor fabric or tarp to corner pillars for a bohemian look. This makes your balcony more comfortable and you will be able to use it during any weather.

5. Opt for several floors pillows

If you don’t want to invest in outdoor furniture, opt for several colorful pillows. Big and comfortable pillows can replace traditional chairs and make your balcony cozier. You may also buy coverages for pillows to protect them from staining and outdoor dust. 

6. Use wall or floor lighting

Wind and rain are no blessing for balcony lights. Unless the lighting is permanently mounted on the wall. The advantages are obvious: the lamps are in a safe place, the electricity can be transferred from indoors, and when leaving the balcony nothing has to be put away.

7. Take advantages of a good view

If you have a great view and your living room opens directly onto the balcony, you can install sliding glass doors and a glass railing system so that nothing prevents you from enjoying this view. This can make both the balcony and the living room cozier. Plus, they have an edgier, sleeker aesthetic, so if your home is modern, they’ll blend right in.

8. Whip out some string lights

To create an intimate balcony atmosphere when the sun goes down, wrap a few string lights at the railing. This is a great option to add lighting and make your balcony really cozy. 

9. Hang a hammock or swing

Even if you are living in the city, there’s no reason your balcony can’t feel like you’re on vacation. A hanging chair, swing, or hammock can create a cozy and vibing atmosphere on the balcony. If your balcony is large enough, you can opt for some lounge chairs for reading a book and sunning. 

10. Light some candles

If you are renting an apartment and don’t want to spend a lot of money on lighting, opt for several candles. They can create a romantic, calming, and cozy atmosphere on the balcony. Just make sure you don’t put them too close to the edge.

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