Joint pain is very common these days, given our sedentary lifestyle and lack of enthusiasm to be fit. And no, it is not just the ailment of the old and ailing. It isn’t surprising in today’s day and age to see a 30-year-old suffering from joint pains and look for a quick solution for it. This urge to get quick and instant relief makes them fall prey to either quacks or the over-the-counter oils and ointment that promise them relief. However, these oils and ointments to no good and the condition can get from bad to worse in a couple of years giving rise to early arthritis.

Why oils and ointments fail to provide relief for joint pains?

This is one question that most often ask when they fail to get any result after repeated usage. The reason is simple as explained by Dr Pradeep Moonot, orthopedic surgeon specialising in knee, foot and ankle surgery, ‘A massage is associated more with skin and not joints. Massages don’t really have any effect on anybody’s joints. However, this is not to say massages are not helpful at all. In fact, if you have muscle spasm, sore or notch a massage done appropriately by an expert can definitely give you some relief. This is the reason why traditional massages like the Thai massage have existed for years. The oils and ointments used can go deep into the skin to give relief but they cannot reverse joint pains.’ Joint pains, if they are the early signs of arthritis will be due to wear and tear of the joints that degrade the cartilage and reduces lubrication over time.

‘Continuous oil massage cannot repair the joints, produce lubrication or new cartilage tissues and so it doesn’t help in dealing with joint pains effectively. Instead, at times, the massage could make the pains even worse. So it is better to go to your doctor and get the pain evaluated before it is too late,’ says Dr Moonot.

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