Here are the common ways to make money with your website:

Offer advertising space on your website:

This is the most common and easiest way to earn money with your website. Here you don’t need to do anything after your website gets PR higher than 5 in Google ranking. You offer some advertising space on your website to Google and in return to put banners of other website on your site, you get good and steady money every month.

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Create an employment board:

There are many websites that earn thousands of dollars every month just by offering a platform for interaction between freelancers and contractors around the world. There is Freelancer, Elance and oDesk and you can also create a website similar to them where you can get good traffic from freelancers and potential contractors looking for employees.

Sell services or products:

This is kind of a tricky part and it requires more attention and dedication but the results are mind blowing. If you run a business or a manufacturing unit, you should advertise your services and products online on the internet through official website. This way not only that you increase your brand awareness in people but the traffic on the website will make more than enough money for you.

Offer something unique to attract traffic:

This requires having a unique idea i.e. YouTube, FaceBook and Twitter and if you are creative enough, just make something really amazing and offer it to the people of the world for free. After a short period of time, you will earn more than enough money from your project which started with just a unique idea.

Products review services:

What if you can sit back, comment on products of different manufactures and get money in return? Yes it sounds like a really good idea. With more people shopping online, there is a need of websites that provide review services to these products where the buyer can first verify the authenticity and quality of the product and then decide if he wants to buy it or not. This way you can earn good money just by offering quality and authenticated reviews of different products on your website.

Sell the website:

If you are really dedicated and bonded with your website, just skip this part and if you really want to make money by any mean, here is something unique for you. You can make a website, promote it via SEO and when it gets PR higher than 5, you can sell it to potential customers. There is a huge list of ideas of websites that you can adopt and people will just go crazy to buy the website from you.

Offer link building:

This is something that is a little hard to achieve but once it’s done, you can just sit back, do nothing and earn money every day. Here you need to offer link building to different websites around the world and in return of building links on your website, you can get good money either on monthly basis or yearly basis.

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