Testosterone is vital for male well-being. It’s the main sex hormone for men. If you think that only men have it, you are wrong. Women also have it but in lower amounts. Many people think that testosterone only has a huge role in sex, but it’s a miss thinking. This hormone has a huge role in bone health, muscle mass, and fertility. According to urologytimes.com, 10% to 40% of men have a testosterone deficiency. The level of testosterone lowers with age, but in this article, we want to tell you about natural methods, how to boost your androgenic hormone level.

1. Exercise regularly

Physical activity is not only effective for weight loss but also in boosting testosterone levels. Exercises are the most common method to increase testosterone naturally. You can choose any sport you like. It can be weight-lifting, swimming, jogging, or even rugby. Testosterone is a significant component of muscles building. Beware of high-intensity training (HIT). They are dangerous for testosterone level  Recent studies have approved that HIT lowers T level. Regular exercises are beneficial especially for overweight people. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, obese men who started exercise regularly had much better results than men with a weight loss diet.

2. Sleep enough

Sleep is a vital part of human well-being, especially for men. Lack of sleep affects hormones that help the body to function correctly. As recent studies have shown, men with a lack of sleep have a lower T level. The statistic has shown that after 1 week of bad sleep, a person may lose up to 15% of daytime T level. It’s abnormal. People may lose only 1% or 2% of testosterone per year. You should sleep enough. It means at least 7 or 8 hours per night. It may shift your late-night plans, but it is worth sleeping more than having severe health problems.

3. Eat oysters

Many people know that zinc is significant for testosterone level and reproductive function. Men with a lack of zinc (hypogonadism), have problems with the T level (lack of testosterone). In some cases, some individuals may face an impotence problem. To solve this problem, you can try supplements or oysters. Oysters are very rich in zinc. There are a lot of foods rich in zinc, for example, red meat, nuts, beans, etc, but oysters contain more zinc than any other food. If you think that you have a lack of zinc, have an appointment with your healthcare provider. A doctor will prescribe you to pass a hormone imbalance test. It will help a doctor to detect a hormonal imbalance and create a treatment plan.

4. Maintain a healthy diet

A healthy diet is significant for testosterone levels. It’s a good way to naturally boost your T level. Several studies have shown that obese people have lower testosterone. Excess body fat causes a conversion of testosterone into estrogen (female hormone). You should pay attention to complex carbs (olive oil or avocados) and fats but skip simple carbs. It will help you lose weight. That is how a healthy diet provokes testosterone production. 

5. Reduce stress

Stress management helps people to keep sagacity, heart health, and many other things. Stress hormone (cortisol) reduces testosterone levels. In addition, stress hormones instigate the body to keep fat around the abdomen. Prolonged stress leads to severe health problems, like immune response problems or metabolism. Stress causes aggression that negatively affects human lives.

6. Get rid of beer

Beer negatively affects men’s organisms. Only after five days of drinking may drop your T level. Alcohol violates many functions in our body, and hormones aren’t an exception. People who drink alcohol regularly may have different health problems: from shrunken testes to hormonal disbalance.

7. Keep track of medication you consume

This is one of the most common reasons for low testosterone levels. Different people consume various supplements. Some medications that help to prevent or control diseases may affect your testosterone level. If you have noticed that you have a low T level, you should contact a specialist to review your medication or find another reason for low testosterone.

The bottom line

If you have a low T level, you should seek help. A doctor may help you to detect the problem and create a treatment plan. Remember, testosterone is a significant part of men’s well-being. Don’t neglect the problem, because it may cause serious health problems.

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