Now you’ve got your full license you are able to travel across this great country and there are thousands of miles of spectacular driving to be had. However, you’re still a novice at driving and there will be situations that you won’t have experienced. In order to avoid mistakes, check out these five common things new drivers are doing.

1. Incorrect driving position

A driver who is uncomfortable driving is potentially dangerous to others. Sitting in an incorrect position for a long period of time while driving can make you get tired faster and can even lead to leg numbness. This can result in a car accident. Signs of a proper landing while driving include:

  • The palms on the steering wheel should be in the “fifteen to three” position.
  • Hands at the elbows should form an angle close to a straight line.
  • The back is almost upright, not a waddle.
  • Feet fully depressed pedals should remain slightly bent at the knees.

2. Talking on the phone while driving

Talking on the phone while driving dulls the reaction rate by 20–25%. Moreover, correspondence increases the risk of an accident several times. However, smartphones carry another danger in themselves: often they are simply thrown anywhere – even on the dashboard, and at the most inopportune moment they safely slide down somewhere, for example, under the pedals. The instinctive desire of the driver is to get it immediately, even if the speedometer is far from “zero”. You probably have guessed which consequences it can cause.

2. Not using seat belts

What if you don’t fasten your seat belt? An unfastened driver carrying an unfastened passenger is an irresponsible person. There is nothing to argue about. Unfortunately, lots of new drivers do not consider using seat belts. If you’re one of those people who think that using seatbelts is not necessary, maybe it’s time to cash your car. Drivers must fasten themselves as well as the passengers. 

3. Fatigue behind the wheel

Professional drivers of the highest level are well aware that there is only one way to cheer up – to take a nap for at least half an hour. However, the new driver, who wants to sleep to death, but needs to drive some miles to get home, often ignores this fact. This might lead to terrible consequences.

4. Listening to music loudly

In fact, loud music prevents you from adequately assessing the traffic situation, for instance, hearing signals from other drivers, traffic police officers, etc. What if an ambulance is behind you with the siren and flashing lights turned on, demanding to give way, and you simply don’t hear it because of the loud music in your car? Music should be an unobtrusive background.

It is also important what kind of music to listen to while driving, for example, a report by the Stanford University Medical Center states that music has a strong effect on the ability to concentrate. With the help of a tomograph, it was possible to find out that the greatest brain activity occurs during periods of silence between sounds. Scientists have come to the conclusion that baroque music helps to gather thoughts and process the brain more information.

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