The foods you eat have a major effect on your whole organism, and in no better place can that be seen than in your teeth. Many foods and beverages can cause plaque, which can be harmful to your teeth. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria that can contribute to the development of gum disease and tooth decay. Sugars make bacteria generate acids that destroy tooth enamel and lead to cavities formation.

Certain foods can be more dangerous in terms of your dental health. Being aware of their potential danger can aid you in preserving your dental health.

Below are 6 worst products for your teeth that can lead to cavities and other dental problems. 

1. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks are probably the main culprits of your dental health problems. Consuming large amounts of carbonated soda drinks is extremely harmful to your teeth. Carbonated beverages are high in acids and sugars which promote plaque and attack tooth enamel. If you drink soda all day, you’re coating your teeth with acids and sugars. 

Moreover, consuming a lot of soda can dry up your mouth, resulting in less saliva. Finally, dark-colored soda can stain your teeth and cause discoloration. 

2. White bread

Eating white bread can increase your risk of dental problems significantly. When you chew bread, the saliva in your mouth breaks down the carbohydrates in it into sugar. The bread turns into a paste-like material that stacks in the spaces between teeth. This can lead to overgrowth of cavities-causing bacteria in your mouth. 

Instead of white bread, choose whole wheat or less-refined types of bakery goods. They often contain less added sugars and are less dangerous for your teeth. 

3. Acidic fruits

Oranges, grapefruits, and lemons are high in vitamin C, delicious, and very good for your overall health. But they are also high in acids that can erode enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to disease-causing bacteria in your mouth. To get your dose of vitamins and antioxidants, try to consume acidic fruits in moderation and rinse your mouth with water after every meal.

4. Sour candy

From our childhood, all of us were told that candies are bad for our dental health. Sour candies are a rich source of various types of acids and sugars that are extremely bad for your dental health. Because sour candies are chewy, they stick to your teeth for a longer period of time, increasing the risk of bacteria overgrowth and tooth decay

If you crave something sweet, consider a piece of dark chocolate. It is less starchy and has a lot of health benefits, unlike sour candies. 

5. Coffee

Coffee is probably the best part of your morning routine. But it can be harmful to your dental health. Many people like adding something sweet like sugar or syrups to their coffee. As already was mentioned, sugar can be bad for your dental health. 

However, caffeine can also damage your teeth and gums. Caffeinated beverages dehydrate your mouth and decrease the production of saliva. Mouth dryness is a major risk factor for tooth decay and gingivitis. 

6. Alcohol

We all know alcohol is bad for our general health. But your teeth are the first who face its negative effects. Alcohol is a major risk factor for a common dental condition called dry mouth. A dry mouth deprives your mouth of saliva, which is necessary to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Saliva helps wash away food particles and plaque, preventing bacterial overgrowth. 

If you have a dry mouth, consult a trained dentist who can help solve your problem. Proper saliva production can help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral diseases.

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