In most cases, any breakdown of the car is preceded by various violations in its operation. In addition, there are certain control parameters of a number of components and assemblies, the periodic assessment of which will prevent such an unpleasant situation. 

Taking a little time for your car will not only save you money but also increase your driving safety. However, some malfunctions and breakdowns can develop without any signs. That’s why it is essential to be prepared for their occurrence. In this article, we have gathered the four most common car malfunctions you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Rust

Such a seemingly harmless case as the appearance of corrosion can lead to serious complications. When rust occurs, the aesthetic appeal of the car is lost, but the situation with the power elements of the body which are hidden is much more dangerous. The corrosion process leads to the weakening and destruction of a number of nodes. Additionally, the structural rigidity of the body is lost, which can lead to much more serious consequences during a car crash. You should also understand that any unit in a car is capable of fully functioning only if it has reliable fastening.

A periodic check for the presence of foci of corrosion should involve not only the outer body panels but also the bottom, side parts, and other load-bearing elements. If there are holes, these elements should be replaced immediately. However, minor damages can be easily repaired and painted at an auto body paint shop.

2. Windscreen wipers

Operation of the vehicle with broken wipers is prohibited. If the drive is working properly but the cleaning quality is poor, you need to replace the brushes immediately. It is an inexpensive consumable item that can be installed in minutes. Remember that in addition to comfort in bad weather, serviceable wipers significantly increase traffic safety and timely replacement of the brushes will avoid scratches on the windshield. You should also pay attention also to the ability of the wiper mechanism to work at high speeds. As a rule, a decrease in their speed signals a malfunction in the drive.

3. Headlights

It is essential to understand that that driving with faulty lights is forbidden. However, many car owners simply continue to drive with the poor light and hope that the remaining light will be enough for them. This is a dangerous practice that can cause serious accidents, especially in bad weather.

Always check the performance of the lighting devices, especially if you have to travel at night or in bad weather. You should carry out all routine maintenance in accordance with the recommendations and if there are only the slightest changes in the work of headlights. Even if it is snowing or raining, wipe the headlights since this can significantly improve the illumination of the road for at least a few miles of your route.

4. Brakes

The brake system is a guarantee of your safety on the road. If its performance worsens, don’t hope that at low speeds you will completely manage with the handbrake, and on a long descent, you will use engine braking. In the case of an emergency, these tricks will not save you. Carefully monitor the wear of brakes since their condition in most cases can be checked visually. 

Listen for grinding and loud squeaks when you press the brake pedal. As a rule, this is a precise sign that these elements need to be replaced as soon as possible. Another common malfunction that leads to a quick failure of the brake system is the wedging of the hydraulic cylinders. This can pull your car is aside on a straight path as well as reduce the speed and traction.

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