Travel changes us, it gives us the opportunity to see the world in all its diversity, learn, and develop. The most popular type of tourism is automobile tourism, and its biggest fans live in the USA and Europe. 

To get a genuinely vivid experience, it is essential to meet one important condition: buy or lease a car that will be comfortable for the driver and passenger. Don’t forget that while traveling, you will have to ride off-road, which means you must have a reliable and durable companion at your disposal. We have prepared an extensive review that presents the best cars for travel.

Requirements for vehicles for travel

Here are the basic requirements for cars for travel:

  • a large, spacious interior with orthopedic seats, which will be comfortable for the driver and passengers and will make even very long trips comfortable
  • spacious trunk
  • the design and characteristics of the power plant (transmission) must be designed for movement not only on highways but also off-road
  • availability of climate control
  • high level of reliability and safety

Only by choosing a car that combines all these characteristics can you count on an adventure that will leave you with only positive emotions. Now let’s move on to the review of cars for long distances.

7. Suzuki SX-4

The debut of the SX4 took place in 2006. It was a mixture of a hatchback and a crossover. The model received proportions and compactness from the first one, and the ground clearance and all-wheel drive were borrowed from the crossover. The second generation debuted in 2013, and three years later, the car was modernized, which affected the body, optics, multimedia system, and in addition, the car received an automatic transmission and a new 1.4-liter turbocharged engine.

The combination of the 1.4-liter engine and automatic transmission makes the car powerful and controllable, it responds quickly to the accelerator and handles sharp acceleration and kick-down well. By purchasing such a car, the driver gets a durable vehicle for both normal and fairly dynamic driving.

The chassis of the car is relatively rigid, although, in general, it absorbs road unevenness well. The suspension has good energy capacity for driving at pretty high speeds on rough roads. Noises in the cabin become noticeable only when driving at speeds above 60 miles per hour.

The trunk of the car is quite spacious and can be increased by changing the angle of the backrest. The car also has a trunk shelf that opens on both sides and side niche pockets.

6. Chevrolet Tahoe

The first generation of Tahoe appeared in 1992 and was called Blazer – the car was renamed Chevrolet Tahoe three years later. We are interested in the fourth generation of the car, which debuted in 2014. It differed from its predecessors in its new grille, headlights, and interior finishing materials.

To drive the car, a 6.2-liter V-shaped eight-cylinder engine is used. All-wheel drive is used. There are two trim levels of the car: LT and LTZ. The latest version has more installed equipment, but in general, the technical content of both modifications is the same.

The updated fourth-generation Tahoe debuted in 2016. The changes mainly affected the options, but the car remained virtually unchanged externally. But the fifth generation, which was introduced in 2019, has undergone much more significant changes. A new independent suspension was used here, the car was transformed externally and inside. The instrument panel remains analog and contains six instruments.

5. Mazda CX-5

Compact crossover, the second generation of which was introduced in 2017. The characteristic features of the car are its stylish design and unsurpassed car comfort, which is achieved both through original design solutions and premium quality materials. In the latter, the crossover is superior to many cars that cost an order of magnitude more.

In terms of interior size, the CX-5 is not a record holder, but in terms of equipment, it is ahead of many others. Its front seats are equipped with electrical adjustments that allow them to be precisely adjusted to the anthropometric data of passengers. The sliding armrests have control buttons for heated rear seats and two USB ports.

The trunk is not too big, but when folding the sofa in the car, a flat floor is formed, which makes loading easier. The chassis copes well with road imperfections and you can drive over potholes at high speed without the risk of suspension breakdowns.

4. Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is a medium-sized crossover, the production of which began in 2013 by the American concern Chrysler. Built on an entirely new platform and is the first car with a nine-speed gearbox. The car is interesting, it has a lot of fans all over the world.

A distinctive feature of the exterior is the elongated optics, which has not previously been seen on any of the models of this line of jeeps. Even the unusual appearance of the car makes it competitive, but design is not everything.

Externally, the car no longer looks like an SUV, but its cross-country ability remains at the same level. The Trailhawk version uses a reinforced bumper with plastic covers to protect the body, and there is an additional air intake on the front bumper.

Ergonomics in the cabin are at the highest level. Everything the driver needs can be reached with his hand. Sound insulation is also excellent – while driving, sounds from passing vehicles are completely inaudible. The trunk is quite roomy, and with the seats folded down, its volume increases more than twice.

3. Ford Explorer

We included the Ford Explorer in our TOP car for traveling review not only because of its power and technology. A distinctive characteristic of the car is its premium interior with American charisma, and this is also very important on long trips. 

The new generation of cars has become larger, although the trunk capacity remains the same. However, it turns out to be sufficient, regardless of the purpose of using the car. The car is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission.

2. Toyota RAV4

This is a compact crossover, the production of which began in 1994. From the very beginning, it was positioned as a youth vehicle for active recreation, and this is confirmed by its name: Recreation Active Vehicle, and the indication of all-wheel drive (number “4”).

The last fifth generation of the car was presented in 2018, and sales began in 2019. The new generation of cars is equipped with naturally aspirated gasoline engines of 2 and 2.5 liters with a capacity of 150 and 200 hp. respectively. Two all-wheel drive systems are offered: traditional and dynamic, which uses a transmission with two separate clutches on each wheel.

1. Mitsubishi L200

The leader of our list is the Mitsubishi L200. This is a pickup truck that can be an ideal vehicle for those who go on a trip. It will also be indispensable for extremely extreme trips. The L200 has been produced since 1978 and in different versions: double or four-seater with two doors and five-seater with four doors.

The equipment may also vary. Thus, the car can be equipped with air conditioning, manual or automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, mechanical differential lock, and exchange rate stability system.

This is one of the most comfortable cars for long trips. For passenger comfort, the manufacturer did not forget to equip the car with heated front seats, air conditioning, an electronic air heater, and even an air filter. For operation in difficult conditions, a hill start assist system is provided, as well as a stabilization system when towing a trailer.

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