“Drink, children, milk – will be healthy!” It was with this motto that many and many generations of children were raised and grew up. That’s just the times are changing, and the opportunities to drink real home milk “just from under the cow” are less and less. He is replaced by shop, industrial milk. And you cannot always say that it will be useful for your body. In total, a glass of such milk will give a person about 13% of the daily protein norm, phosphorus -18%, vitamin B2 – 12%, vitamin B12 – 15%, potassium – 10%, and, of course, a quarter of the daily calcium. By the way, it is because of the high calcium content that dietitians are advised to use milk daily. Also, such milk will contain a fairly high proportion of magnesium, zinc, 35 mg of fatty acids, which are needed by the human body.

Use milk better without enriching additives

On the shelves, enriched dairy products with useful additives are increasingly occurring: “vitamin zed milk,” “milk fortified with vitamin C, calcium,” “milk with lactulose,” etc. The fact is that with conventional products of lactulose, we do not enter the body, but only with enriched ones. In this case, lactulose helps to eliminate all problems associated with intestinal dysbacteriosis (and it, unfortunately, takes place in every second, especially after taking antibiotics and oral contraceptives). Thanks to lactulose, a favorable environment for reproduction of normal bifid flora of the intestine is created and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms is inhibited, peristalsis is stimulated and even absorption of calcium salts from milk is improved. The only thing to consider is the laxative effect of such milk.

In which packaging should you choose milk

When buying pasteurized milk in plastic bags (as you know, it is cheaper than other packages), tune it in within 24 hours after opening (unfortunately, it quickly sours). If the milk after the opening should stand in the refrige rator, it is better to give preference to the cardboard package (“Tetra Pak”), which consists of six layers, in addition to cardboard, there are even thin layers of aluminum foil and polyethylene. Such a package completely protects the product from light, it is absolutely sealed, there is no air inside, so the package helps to save the useful qualities of milk. And after the opening of the “Tetra Pak”, this milk is stored a little longer than milk from polyethylene. It is better not to buy milk in transparent bottles since light (solar or from fluorescent lamps) leads to a partial destruction of milk proteins and the oxidation of fats and vitamins. In addition, prolonged contact with the plastic bottles for milk is undesirable.

Lactose-free milk – is it all useful

Another product that has already appeared on our shelves is lactose-free milk (not to be confused with lactulose). But this milk is best not to drink to everyone, but only to those who do not tolerate whole milk, in connection with lactase deficiency. Lactose in itself is a unique milk sugar, which stimulates the work of the nervous system, has a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases. But if there is not enough enzyme that splits milk sugar (lactase), then after consuming whole milk, bloating, a loose (often foamy) stool up to 8-10 times a day and discomfort in the intestine. That’s it these people and it is recommended to replace whole (or drinking) milk with a lactose-free milk, which retains all the useful properties of milk but does not contain milk sugar.

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Amanda Cerny is the health and fitness mentor working in the prominent medical care center. Thus, she is working with essay help UK as well to provide academic assistance to students.

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