Singapore has one of the strongest economies in Asia, with a GDP of almost 400 billion dollars. The country houses more than 400,000 business entities despite its small land area. 

If you manage an office in Singapore, certain practices make the country unique in running a business. For example, cleanliness is an integral part of the culture, and people go to lengths to preserve their clean environments. Therefore, one essential utility that keeps offices in good shape is office cleaning.  

Commercial office cleaning allows your business to focus on your roles without spending time on sanitizing spaces—professional cleaners can get the job done right. 

Difference between Today’s Offices from the Previous Decades

The pandemic brought so many changes, particularly in commercial spaces where people gather to collaborate. As a result, social distancing and non-sharing equipment are reinforced regarding space setting and office setup.

In the previous decade, compartmentalized rooms became the prevalent design choice separating the management team from the regular workers. The walls have been broken these days, and segregation is no longer the leading office setup. There are four main types of office space in the country:

  • Corporate offices
  • Serviced and co-working offices
  • Shophouses
  • Business Parks

There is also a changing need to remove enclosures. Nowadays, more businesses are turning towards the open space option. This type of office setting encourages collaborative efforts and better communication and is also beneficial health-wise. 

Understanding the type of premise will help every cleaning technician with the approaches and techniques to make cleaning more efficient. An open space setup makes cleaning and disinfecting easier. People have more room to breathe, and cleaners can do their jobs more efficiently. 

Why Work Etiquette Amongst Office Cleaners is Essential

Etiquette has always been non-negotiable trait technicians and servicers need to embody. It allows them to deal with circumstances efficiently and helps you accomplish work without any bottlenecks.  

Just as etiquette is essential in customer relations, so is it for office cleaning services Singapore. Professional cleaners must also foster such characteristics by being part of a team responsible for maintaining cleanliness. It oils the business and becomes the machinery to move ahead and maintain relationships. 

Work etiquette is also a critical game changer, particularly when professional cleaners in Singapore abound. It allows them to gain loyalty and trust, forging mutual respect amongst peers and the serviced client. 

Five Work Etiquette that Makes a Good Cleaning Company

When looking for the right team to help maintain your open office space, some definitive traits make them stand out. Discerning these attributes will help you determine if you’ve hired the right help. 

    • Punctuality. Punctuality is always critical in the business environment where time is always essential. A cleaner delayed in their roles will create a domino effect on a business. Pile up trash, unkempt floors, and messy desks result in productivity issues. 
    • Trained to identify priority zones. Offices are used differently. A professional can quickly identify which are critical priority zones and which are not. For example, washrooms, pantries, and reception areas are the most common areas where people often flock together. 
  • Use of protective clothing and recommended accessories. The pandemic practically changed everything, including how manual jobs are handled. For example, reliable office cleaning services follow health protocol to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. 
  • Reduce office disruptions. Professional cleaners always take the necessary step to prevent work disruptions. A trained and experienced service provider knows how to time their cleaning activities.
  • Commitment to safety. Wearing distinguishing clothing, hand protection, and masks are essential protective gears. They protect both the worker and the people around them. A good office cleaning team always carries the right equipment and knows how to defend themselves and the people around. 


Commitment to both worker and client sets a cleaning service company apart from the others. The right team imbibes the suitable characteristics, not just how they perform their tasks. It also transcends their commitment to do work in a way that describes their company values. When seeking help for open office space, look for a trusted leader with a good name and quality service.
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