When it comes to E-learning so you cannot overlook the importance of best and effective WordPress plugins.

You may come up with selling your online courses through “Learning Management Systems”.

In order to have an effective and simple “Learning Management System to use, you must have an effective WordPress plugins.

With focusing on having an effective plugin, you must also focus to have an effective theme as it is also important for making an E-learning website.

You must remember that creating different online courses is not the difficult task as long as you opt for the WordPress Plugin that can meet your requirements.

Keep just one thing in mind that the more you facilitate your students, the more it will be beneficial for you.

And for that matter start with an effective WordPress E-learning plugin and followings are options in this regard.

1.   LearnPress

Really, it is one of those plugins, you can name it awesome. It enables almost everyone to come up with his effective online courses. Do not forget that this great plugin is free. And with that, it also offers you free add-ons. You may also find premium add-ons but you will have to pay for it. This plugin is able to work with any theme.

2. CoursePress

This plugin enables you to make courses that consist of audios, videos, and quizzes. It offers many options to make online course the perfect one. Courses, you make through this plugin, are mostly videos and students may download them. You can also come up with a discussion board where both facilitators and students can have useful discussions.

3. WP Courseware

It is the plugin that enables you to come up with any kind of course for your particular users. It is also important to mention that it is the plugin that is used by some big organizations such as CNN, University of Kentucky and Verizon Wireless. Seriously, it is the great plugin to launch an effective course that can benefit you in the longer run.

4. Sensei

Sensei is the first choice of many people who are into making an effective online course for users. You can come up with your course requisites, charge students for courses and register them. All you will be able to do through WordPress Dashboard. It also enables you to find who is opting for a course and how well they are performing.

5. Learn Dash

This great plugin is another perfect E-learning tool to launch an ideal online course. It enables you to come up with courses that students will use on their smartphones. Through this plugin, you may come up with 7 different kinds of quizzes for your students. You can also integrate audio, images and videos into quizzes.

6. Namaste! LMS

If you are the one who wants to come up with an extremely unique and perfect E-learning website, so this plugin is for you. As your students happen to complete their courses so they will also be able to get certificates. As you go through this plugin so you will find its great features to launch quality courses.

7. Educator

Educator is also an effective plugin helping lots of people to launch quality courses, quizzes, and lessons. The great thing about it is that educator also supports different payment solutions such as PayPal and Credit card. Other perks consist of membership options, course and quiz grading and email notifications.

8. StudyPress

StudyPress is another great plugin. It is the one that enables you to come up with a learning content that will be the multimedia. That you will post on your WordPress website in the shape of slides on different pages and posts. You are able to create countless online courses for your students through availing this useful plugin.

9. CM Video Lesson Manager

This plugin is the one that helps in managing various video lessons by Vimeo. You can display videos on any of your WordPress website’s page or post. Both administrators and users may evaluate progress and properly mark favorites by leveraging this great plugin.

Above mentioned plugins are the ones, which will not take your enough time to launch your own online courses. So do not waste time and opt for any of these plugins, in order to produce quality courses for your specific audience.

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Joseph Carey is a web developer. He has a vast exposure in Online Marketing. He is also a freelance essay writer who offers top-rated custom essay help to needy students.

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