Whether you’re looking to feed 10 people or 100, finding the perfect Catering Downtown Philadelphia for your event can be a tough task. You want to make sure that your caterer of choice is not only good, but professional, and only works with the best and freshest ingredients. Here’s how to find the best catering in downtown Philadelphia.

Offers Quality Ingredients
One of the most important aspects to consider when choosing catering options in downtown Philadelphia is the quality of ingredients they use. You want to make sure only the freshest and high- quality ingredients are used when making the food your event attendees and yourself will eat. In a time when processed meats and cheeses are the norm, it can be hard to find a caterer that uses fresh, high-quality ingredients. But choosing a caterer that does is well worth it. Your event attendees will notice the difference and appreciate the effort.

Offers Variety
Another important thing to consider is the options available. Not everyone eats the same thing, and with picky eaters and allergy restrictions, it can be hard to find something everyone will enjoy. A guaranteed variety of options is your best bet when it comes to finding the perfect catering company in downtown Philadelphia. Waterfront Gourmet is the best option when it comes to providing variety. For both meat eaters, and vegetarians alike, Waterfront Gourmet offers options. Our club sandwich trays include a mix of sandwich and wrap options that include different meats. But for vegetarians, we have various vegetarian trays, vegetable trays, and even fruit trays for restricted eaters to choose from.

Can Cater to Specifics
Variety is important, but you want to make sure that your caterer can also accommodate specific needs. Whatever the size of the event, your attendees may have some type of food restriction or allergies that do not permit them to eat a certain food item. You want to make sure your catering option in downtown Philadelphia can handle those specific needs. Waterfront Gourmet prides itself on being able to handle all types of food restrictions. Whether an allergy or a restriction WaterFront Gourmet will attend to your specific needs.

Finding catering in downtown Philadelphia can be a tough task. You want to make sure that not only are your needs met, but the needs of your attendees are met as well. Three things to remember when choosing your caterer is to make sure they use quality ingredients, offers a variety of options, and can cater to specifics. If you’re looking for a quality caterer in downtown Philadelphia, contact Waterfront Gourmet today and we’ll help make your next event a complete success!

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