Developers are tasked with bringing to life your vision for your website. This can be a tough task but it can be done. Working with a reliable developer is important as they are the ones responsible for making your website functional. There are many quality Bigcommerce Developers New Jersey that can do the job but 1Digital is your best bet when it comes to developing a site for your eCommerce business. Why? We’re your one stop shop for all your development needs. We focus on small and large development projects.

Responsive Design
More and more customers are using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases from their favorite online stores. As an eCommerce webstore you want to be sure that your website is completely responsive on any mobile device. You want to make sure your BigCommerce Developers in New Jersey can handle creating functional responsive website that is functional on any platform. If you can’t find that in New Jersey, come to Philadelphia Pennsylvania, we’ll take care of you.

Data Migration
Are you moving or thinking of moving your website to another platform to BigCommerce. You’ve realised that you’ve outgrown your current platform, and there’s a lot of limitations on your current platform that require you to move to BigCommerce. That could be a scary thing to think about. Your web developer is responsible for migrating all of your current data to your new platform and that’s no easy task. You want to make sure your developer knows exactly how to migrate your data from one platform to another. Your data is precious and should be handled by developers than can do the job. If you’re working your developers from New Jersey, then you might not be getting the expertise you need. The developers at 1Digital know exactly what it takes to migrate data from one platform to another. We’ll take care of the process and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your webstore data is in good hands.

API Integration
Your eCommerce business runs smoothly because of the functionality of your website. You want to make your business has all of the pieces together. Many eCommerce businesses integrate different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to help their business run. When you’re looking to integrate a certain API, you want to make sure your developer knows exactly how to handle your specific integration. You want to be sure your developers in New Jersey can successfully integrate your desired API. 1Digital can take care of all your API integration needs. We’ve successfully integrated specific APIs ranging from payment, shipping, product inventory, order fulfillment, even customer data APIs.

When you’re working with data on the backend, you want to be sure that whatever developer you work with, whether they are developers in New Jersey or even developers here in Philadelphia, that they do an extremely thorough job. You want to make sure that you only work with the best. Contact 1Digital today and we’ll help you in any of your development needs. We’re experts at eCommerce so we’ll make sure sure webstore is completely functional and ready to go for your customers.

Author is a freelance writer and having successful experience in writing about Internet Marketing Services. Currently he is writing about Volusion Developers New Jersey and Magento Developer New Jersey.

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