logo-2So you’re having an office event in Center City, Philadelphia and you’re looking to get it catered? There are many factors to consider when choosing your caterer. You want to make sure that when you’re hiring your caterer, you are getting the best available. Here’re 2 ways to find the Best Catering Center City.

Know Your Limitations
Finding a caterer for your event is a very big responsibility as you have to consider everyone attending the event. Food restrictions and allergies are two very important factors to consider. Not everyone is able to eat everything so keeping in mind the dietary restrictions and allergies people have is always very important. Know exactly what foods should be avoided at all costs when planning your menuing or looking for a specific caterer. You should then plan your menu around that. Depending on the size of your event, you should keep in mind your budget. Knowing exactly how much money is allotted for your catering budget can help your quest in finding the absolute best catering in Center City! Budgets determine the range of catering you can have. It can also help determine how much food you can have available to your coworkers or attendees.

With dietary restrictions and budget in mind, it’s now time to do research. When looking for the best catering options in Center City you want to do complete and thorough research. You want to make sure the caterer you choose not only understands your budget and dietary restrictions, but you want to make sure they provide high-quality food with high-quality ingredients.Doing your research before finalizing a caterer can really help make sure you find the best catering available in Center City. Looking up reviews is one of the best and easiest ways to do this. Make sure the caterer you are leaning towards has many positive reviews from past clients. That way you know you’ll be working with the best. You also want to consider factors like delivery. The day of your office event can be very busy and you might not have time to pick up your catered food, so you want to factor in delivery as well.

You want to make sure your next office or corporate event goes off smoothly and the food you serve plays a big factor. Keep in mind when looking for your caterer two important factors; know your limitations, and do your research. These two factors will save you a lot of time and you’ll be able to avoid an unwanted headache. Whether it’s 10 mouths to feed or 100, Waterfront Gourmet strives to provide only the best and most high-quality ingredients available. We’ll work with you on your menu taking into account any food restrictions you may have. We’ll price out your catering costs so you get the most bang for your buck! Call us today and have your next office event with food from the best catering in Center City!

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