vaping-debunkedTraditional smoking is considered to be injurious health. Even those smoking passively are considered to be inhaling all the dangerous toxins though they are not directly involved. Smoking causes lung cancer and other ills we all are pretty aware of. The packet/label comes with a warning “injurious to health”.

To curtail the ills a habit of vaping was conceived by great minds behind who thought that they cannot make smokers quit the habit so instead a relatively safer practice was encouraged or is it? There are many misconceptions that are associated with the vaping industry.

Some are downright slander by the tobacco companies given their product sales are directly hit by the rise in vaping. Some are out of pure ignorance but you’d be surprised that we have just the list to shut the cynics for good. Read on to find out:

Myth 1: Dangerous E-Liquids

Those who do not vape they present this argument as if they have ample proof of the e-liquids being utilized here. But we don’t blame them because they are uneducated in this respect. Let us tell you that there are only 3 or 4 constituents used in the vaping liquid namely propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural or artificial food-grade flavoring, and nicotine; which is optional.

The above-listed constituents you will mainly find in cosmetics, food and certain drinks (of course with the exception of nicotine) but you won’t see them complaining there. Hence, you vaping folks don’t worry it’s safe.

Myth 2: Anti-Freeze

This relates to a particular ingredient propylene glycol which naysayers accuse of entailing anti-freeze feature. Now this is funny myth primarily because even if it contains anti-freeze and you vape that means nothing frozen is being inhaled/swallowed and it’s still liquid so I guess that’s still good logically, right?

Furthermore, forget antifreeze, propylene glycol is used in fireball whiskey, in hospitals to ensure sanitation etc. and is, therefore, safe.

Myth 3: Formaldehyde

Lots of chemical names – serves as a chemistry class reminder to me, anyways, this myth tells that when you vape you somehow are vulnerable to formaldehyde intake. How precisely? It is because when you vape the temperatures rise and a dry-hit condition is created. It is being referred to as the heat of thousand suns in our throats. They say you literally die and then come back to life (LOL moment).

I don’t even know what more to say here, folks. You do what you believe but be rational in deciding.

Myth 4: Popcorn Lung

An ingredient by the name of diacetyl once caused popcorn lung in factory workers due to increased levels present in butter flavor which was making flavors for e-cigarettes. Thereby the myth that the presence of diacetyl in vaping liquids (which is negligible, mind you in percentage).

In a traditional smoke, this percentage is 750 times more than that in vaping. An e-cigarette user consumes 9 micrograms of diacetyl whereas a traditional smoker’s intake jumps to 6,718 micrograms. Some in-depth researches amount it to a ratio of 239:20340 micrograms. Numbers duh!

Myth 5: Nicotine = Cancer

Although, nicotine content is optional in e-cigarettes but there is still no evidence, in light of numerous studies, that cancer is caused as a result of realizing nicotine by the body. Those who spread the negative word about vaping should do their homework first than scaring people away.

Oh and cancer is caused due to other various chemicals present in a traditional smoke, but nicotine. Heck, nicotine is about as damaging as caffeine (fun fact).


Other myths include, in addition to five of the above, that; vaping is a substitute for tobacco for teens, it causes same harm as traditional smoking, it is more addictive than regular smoke, e-cigs are inflammable in nature, and non-smokers can get hooked to it, and so on so forth. I request you to just do your research before believing every word they say.

About Writer: Amelie John is a Physician by profession and an active Blogger. She takes help of blogging to educate his readers regarding tips on diet regimen, fitness exercises, and mental health. You can also ask him for help with best dissertation help in the UK by following him on Google+.

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