New technologies that are rapidly developing every day, amaze us with a variety of architectural solutions and innovations. Now, a glass wall will not surprise anyone. If a few decades ago such decisions could only be seen in science fiction films about the future, today almost every family can afford ultra-modern interiors.

Glass walls are a construction of a frame and a double-glazed window. In some cases, the frame is not provided. The most common types of walls include:

  • Frameless walls
  • Walls with an aluminum frame
  • Walls with wooden frame
  • Walls with aluminum-wooden frame

Glass walls surprisingly transform the space, creating an unusual and super-modern look. Such walls made of glass separate the rooms, creating a transparent, vast, bright space filled with air, lightness, and inspiration. In this article, we will tell you everything you should know about frameless glass walls.

What is the idea of transparent walls?

The glass wall can be located indoors for dividing rooms and can be used as an external wall. Such a bold decision is incredibly successful in many cases. Imagine a whole wall that offers a magnificent view of the night city with its bewitching lights or brings you closer to nature, revealing green landscapes and endless fields. Both urban industrial landscapes and quiet natural corners will create an indescribable feeling. The feeling that you are closed in a concrete box and all the troubles associated with life in isolated apartments will go away forever.

Glass walls are ideal for:

  • City apartment or country cottage
  • Penthouse
  • Hotels with a modern interior
  • SPA or beauty salon
  • Office space
  • Sports and fitness center
  • Shopping centers
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Clubs, restaurants, lounge halls
  • Car dealerships
  • Pools
  • Exhibition centers and conference rooms
  • Winter garden, greenhouses

The glass wall will make any room sophisticated and stylish. Only one element of architecture can change the whole space, lighting, atmosphere, and mood. There is no doubt that glass as a unique modern material will supersede absolutely all other building materials in the future.

Advantages of glass walls

Glass walls have a lot of advantages. The most common of them are listed below. 

Beauty and style

A glass wall is able to transform the space, make it luxurious and modern. If looks extremely stylish and change the whole view of the building. 

Atmosphere and lighting

Frameless glass walls will create a unique atmosphere in the house. You will feel freedom and peace due to the natural light that fills every corner of the room. Such walls have a great effect on life in the house.


You will not be disturbed by noise from the street with glass windows. Such windows can provide you with complete peace and silence.


The glass wall doesn’t require any special care. It can be cleaned easily and quickly with conventional glass products. Glass doesn’t change under the influence of moisture or temperature. It is a durable and strong wall for many years.


The glass wall is made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly material that is also fireproof.

Disadvantages of glass walls

Full view

The glass wall offers a panoramic view and therefore it is important to choose where to install it. For an object with a poor view from the window (like a brick wall or an unsightly landscape), a glass wall would not be a good choice.

Thermal conductivity

Even a glass wall with the best characteristics nevertheless has high thermal conductivity and can heat up or let the cold through. It is better not to face the wall on the south or north side. 

It would be better to install a glass wall facing east or west. This will provide a wonderful climate in the house all year round and a magnificent view of the sunset or dawn, as well as the most successful lighting.

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