The choice of curtains in the bedroom is a quite challenging task. The most difficult thing is that they should combine aesthetics and high functionality. The presence of bedspreads, pillows, and floor coverings in the bedroom increases the requirements for color and texture characteristics. 


The interior design of the bedroom involves the creation of an intimate atmosphere and privacy in the room. That’s why curtains are an important element. However, regardless of the design, the curtains in the bedroom must meet the following requirements:


  • Curtains shouldn’t drag much attention. They should harmonize with other interior details.
  • Curtains shouldn’t overload the room. If the curtains are wide, it is better to use thick and soft fabrics that will not create heavy folds.
  • Curtains should have a significant amount of natural fibers in the composition of the material because artificial canvas cheapens the interior.


Practicality, aesthetics, and naturalness are the main characteristics that should be taken into account in the modern design of windows with curtains. In this article, we gathered five important reasons to add curtains to your bedroom.

1. Curtains provide privacy

If your bedroom is located on the ground floor the curtains (or blinds) on the windows become a necessity. In this case, it is essential to escape from the curious looks of strangers passing by the windows. Despite the fact that people who live in houses face a similar problem less often, they also may want more isolation from the outer world. That’s why the intention to maintain privacy can also be called one of the most valid reasons for curtaining windows.

2. Curtains can visually enlarge your bedroom

A very simple way to visually “lift” the ceiling is to hang long curtains. In this case, it is better to attach the curtain rod in as high as possible. This technique is very effective, plus long vertical folds of fabric will also visually increase the height of the ceiling.


You can also make the interior of a small room comfortable in every sense with the help of curtains. There is a technique that can be called “curtain from wall to wall.” This simple, but surprisingly effective way can visually expand the dimensions of a small room. However, if you hang the curtain to the size of the window opening, this will further cut space.

3. Curtains create an accent

Curtains can completely change the look of the interior. For example, they will add coziness to the design of an uninhabited room or interior in a minimalist style. In the bedroom, curtains can match the color scheme or create a composition with other bright accents. Curtains are also useful if you want to add an interesting textile texture to the design. They decorate the interior, making it individual and attractive at the same time.

4. Curtains can prevent sunlight

It is wonderful when a room is flooded with natural light. The bedroom seems more spacious and its interior becomes more photogenic. But far from always interfering sun rays make us smile. For example, when a bedroom window causes unwanted waking up early in the morning on a day off. In addition, textiles, wood, and paint tend to fade under direct sunlight. That’s why blackout curtains will be excellent protection for your furniture.

5. Curtains regulate the temperature

Curtains that are made from natural fabric can also help regulate the temperature in the bedroom. In hot weather, they will restrict direct sunlight and cool down space. During winter months, curtains will hold up the warm air and prevent drafts from the window. In addition to this, curtains create a cozy, warm atmosphere that gives the room a unique character.

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