Dubai, the city with its hot and humid climate, provides an ideal place for the breeding of mosquitos’ bugs, insects, and flies. To overcome the problem of excessive mosquitoes and bugs, most of the homes in Dubai are equipped with fly screens that prevent the entry of flies, mosquitoes, etc. The mosquito screen Dubai companies have numerous options of mesh types to offer the homeowners depending upon their requirements and other factors. Each mesh type has its pros and cons but each type is important for the construction of fly screens. 

Few types of mesh used for making safety screens are discussed below:

Fibreglass Mesh: It’s quite a popular mesh in Dubai and used for making fly screens, mosquito screens, etc. It has been used for years since the need for insect screens arose in Dubai. It is made of fibreglass; is very soft and flexible. Because there is no use of iron or any other metal, it does not rust or corrodes but when it is used for a long time, it can break and distort. The reason behind this is the harsh weather in Dubai. The fibreglass mesh is unable to withstand harsh weather and direct sun, and with time the fibreglass screens break. They can also be cut easily with a knife and is not safe for pets. 

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The fly screen door Dubai companies are now switching to other materials for creating mosquito and fly screens. 

Aluminium Mesh: Aluminium is well known for its rigidness, malleability, and ductility; therefore, it is used for constructing building materials and other heavy-duty products. The aluminium mesh is often used for bush fire areas but mosquito net for doors and windows is also constructed using it, because it is more rigid and stronger. Those homeowners who want a longer life for their fly screens can install those made of aluminium. It can be cut using a knife but with some effort, not as easily as fibreglass mesh. 

Sandfly mesh: It is mainly used to keep very small pesty bugs out of your house if it is used for doors and windows. Generally, it is used in the Islands of Dubai but its fine nature restricts airflow. 

Stainless-steel mesh: The stainless-steel mesh is the latest trend in the mosquito screen Dubai market. The high-gauge stainless-steel mesh is now being used for the construction of mosquito nets for doors and windows. They are rustproof, impact and weather-resistant and comes with a 10year warranty. Unlike the fibreglass and aluminium mesh, it cannot be cut with a knife. This feature makes it pet-proof and safe for children. 

The modern stainless-steel mesh screens which are trending in UAE are a complete system, not just a mesh. They are enclosed within an aluminium frame and are available in customised sizes, ready to be installed. The companies are switching over to these modern mesh screens to ensure that the users get a perfect return for their investment. They are not meant for just doors and windows but also ideal for large openings and outdoor areas for creating barriers. 

If you too are planning a mosquito screen installation at your home or changing the existing screens, this is a perfect choice. 

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