Villa renovation is popular across the UAE at the moment. Villas show their age quickly and are often renovated at the changeover of ownership. Garden remodelling is also popular along with living area extensions. It has become a necessity when the family increases and the living area has to be extended. It’s not just for flaunting or to catch up with friends, it is more like a necessity. The pergolas are the best means for extending the barren outdoor area and turning it into a useful living space. The use of pergolas is trending even more now with a variety of design options available. 

The pergola UAE companies are now explaining the utility of pergolas and how they could change a basic outdoor space into a calm and serene outdoor living area which will act as a great stress buster. Pergolas, gazebos, awning shades, etc are amazing architectural essentials that can be added to your garden remodelling project. Discussed here are some pergola designs Dubai, which can be considered according to the budget and requirement. 

For many years the conventional timber pergolas were in trend but now pergolas are manufactured using other materials too. We can divide pergolas into a few basic categories. 

Simple pergolas: Are minimal pergolas and can provide a cosy seating area for your guests and your friends. It can extend the living space easily and within the minimum expenditure. As its name suggests it is simple and can be installed if you have a limited budget. Timber pergolas are common in this category as they are relatively cheap (initially) and provide a nice natural look that many people still like. The roof material is one way to save costs and the simplest way to provide shade is through a material roof. There are a few options available from cotton all the way to heavy shade sail cloth.

Stylish pergolas: They can be as stylish as you want and as much expenditure you want to make. They can be made functional by adding accessories like LED lights, potted plants, sliding doors, USB ports, speakers, and whatever you could imagine. A stylish pergola can create a magical space for spending time according to the pergola UAE companies. These pergolas often come with aluminium louvered roofs. Simple fixed louvers are a popular option with motorised moving louvers are also a consideration. The motorised louvers are more expensive that the fixed louvers as their operation is controlled by a motor.

Budget-friendly pergolas: A budget-friendly pergola is quite a common thing now; it is not very large or complex but yes it serves the purpose of a pergola. It is an inexpensive option and can provide a great way to frame a section of your yard with a fairly simply post and frame pergola design. This option normally does not provide much of a shaded roof structure.

Installing pergolas and turning your front yard or backyard into a shaded extension with many outdoor living benefits.

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